A Message from David Daniels

Forty-seven years ago, Jack Chick warned about the homosexual movement. Now, people are finally discovering the bitter results of this cancer. There is hope!

A Message From David Daniels

Author David Daniels tells about a visit he had to Metropolitan Community (Homosexual) Church and how it led to writing a tract entitled, 'Sin City'.

A Message From Jack Chick

Our schools are being used to keep children away from the gospel, and to expose them to things that can destroy their futures. That is why they need "Li'l Susy."

Anglicans May Split Over God's View of Sodomy

Every ten years, the largest "Protestant Denomination" meets to discuss the issues in their "communion." This year, it is time for the 77-million-member Anglican Church to meet again.

Anti-LGBTQIA+ Sentiment Has Grown Louder —Are We Waking Up?

A number of large corporations have faced strong backlash from consumers as a result of their pro-LGBT promotions. Consumers are expressing their disapproval with their pocketbooks.

APA Sees No Great Harm in Adult-child Sex

The first step has been taken in the public acceptance of pedophilia.

Are We Finally Waking Up?

Recent surveys suggest homosexual activists have overplayed their hand with pushing their agenda. Approval among millenials is dropping.

Biblical Authority at Issue in Ordination of Homosexual

The ordination of a practicing homosexual as an Episcopal bishop in Massachusetts has a lot of people in the "mainline Protestant" churches thumbing through their Bibles.

Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the "Sexual Revolution"

For fifty years, one court case after another has jackhammered away at the foundations of marriage. So, where are we headed now?

Boy and Girl Scouts No Longer Reliable

The Boy and Girls Scouts organizations used to be dependable help for parents raising children. But now that both groups accept openly homosexual leaders, abuse of these children is becoming rampant. The children are the target of these groups.

Britain Set to Legalize Sodomy With 16-Year-Old Children

There appears to be little opposition in the British Parliament to lowering the homosexual age of consent to 16. Only 3 years ago it was reduced from 21 to 18.

British Judge Rules Bible is Wrong

A British judge rules against a Christian doctor who believes transgenderism is a sin, saying, belief in Genesis 1:27 is 'incompatible with human dignity.'

Canadian Doctor Loses Fight for Children's Innocence

The law requires that 'inclusivity' (homosexual propaganda) be laced into all aspects education. Religious convictions don`t matter.

Christian Fired for Expressing Biblical View of Homosexuality

The right to object is now under attack. What ever happened to "free speech?"

Christian Legal Society Excluded from University Campus

Christian groups are being banned from universities, as the culture continues to push to silence Christians and their message.

Christian Web Sites Blocked as Offensive for Children

Some attempts to block offensive Internet material from children have backfired for Christian users.

Christians Becoming Poster Children for Satan's Lies

With doubt in God's Word on the rise, it is becoming more common for "Christians" to push a secular view point.

Churches Next For Homoactivists

Homosexual leader calls for churches to be forced to take homosexuality off the "sin list." Followers respond with violent attacks.

Confusion Growing over Tolerance of Homosexuals

Gay member of Equal Opportunity Employment Commission says, "Gays win, Christians lose!"

Council Member's Strong Stand Defeats Homosexual Law

Last year, the Metro Council of Nashville Tennessee narrowly defeated a proposal to prohibit employment discrimination based on "sexual orientation" in the city government.

Courageous Christian Students Fighting Back

In 2005, some Christian students decided to counter the homosexual message with a "Day of Truth" campaign.

Court: Women's Restroom Okay for 'Transgendered' Men

The sodomite indoctrination in our schools and work places is having some "unintended consequences."

Drag Queens Out to "Groom" Your Kids

From their own words, their future depends on recruiting children.

Episcopalians Refuse Homosexual Lies, Fall Into Pope's Trap

When an openly homosexual was elected to be a bishop, Episcopalians were so incensed that many are now considering union with the Catholic Church.

Father Arrested Over Pro-Homosexual School Book

A persistent father was recently arrested in Massachusetts after insisting that he be notified when his kindergartner was going to be presented with teaching on homosexuality.

Fifth Graders Now Enlisted as Homosexual Groomers —of Kindergarteners

A new “kinderbuddy” program in a Southern California elementary school has caused outraged parents to storm the school board meetings. One fifth grader came home upset that he had been paired as a mentor with a kindergarten student and they had been asked to share a weird coloring book and video called “My Shadow Is Pink.”

Finnish Member of Parliament Again Charged With Hate

Dr. Räsänen was accused of hate speech on three occasions, including in a tweet showing verses from the Bible. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for freedom of speech and religion in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

FRI Study Finds Homosexual Parenting Dangerous for Kids

Today's secular media has totally swallowed the lie that homosexual parents are just as good for kids as traditional families.

God Comments on Lutheran Question

Lutheran church's steeple split by a tornado as an Evangelical Lutheran Church of America vote takes place across the street to allow homosexuals into ministry.

God Weighs in on Pro-Homosexual Vote?

Church leaders voting to approve homosexuality got a bit of a surprise from the weather. Was God sending a message?

Halloween: Give Them Candy and the Gospel!

As our country continues to push God and the Bible out of schools and government, other secular (godless) beliefs have taken their place. One of the most devastating and destructive of these is now affecting our children in a very negative way.

Homosexual Agenda Beginning to See Setbacks

The war between sexual perversion and decency is heating up.

Homosexual Ambassador

Clinton appoints James Hormel as ambassador of Luxembourg.

Homosexual Approval the Result of Decades of Lies

How to cram homosexuality down "straight America's" throat. It's working.

Homosexual Attack on Children Blunted in Florida

A Florida state law forbidding paid counselors to counsel children against gender-change has been challenged, and the court of Appeals decided this was a violation of the counselor’s free speech. They are now allowed to help these children. Such laws exist in 20 other states, and need to be fought.

Homosexual Consequences No One Talks About

Statistics are hard to come by, but things like suicide rates, sexually transmitted diseases, shortened lifespans, and the medical consequences of extraordinary wear and tear on physical organs are all extremely high.

Homosexual Journalist Admits, 'Gay Lifestyle is a Sewer'

The pro-sodomite media would have us believe that all homosexuals are in a wonderful, long-term, committed relationship with only one other person.

Homosexual Marriage? - What's the Big Deal?

Is same-sex marriage simply allowing another kind of couple to have the same benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples?

Homosexual Militants Eying Our Basic Freedoms

Homosexual activists move one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Homosexual Teachers 8 Times More Likely to Molest Students

Recent study shows that homosexual teachers are 8 to 10 times more likely to sexually involve themselves with pupils than heterosexual teachers.

Homosexual Teachers Emboldened by Marriage Law

Now that the Massachusetts Supreme Court has legalized homosexual marriage, sodomite activists are pressuring the public schools there to talk more in the classrooms about homosexual relationships.

Homosexuals and Lesbians Mount Assault on Chick's UK Distributor

Members of a local gay rights organization promoted their message that all men should love one another by smashing a door, damaging a sign and mounting a picket line at the Chick Publications distributor's business in Scotland.

Homosexuals Hiding an 'Inconvenient Truth'

The organization, American`s For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is calling for a breaking of the silence on the health risks of homosexual practices. (see

Homosexuals Want to Change the Subject

The subject keeps changing: first that homosexuality was acceptable, then gay marriage, then transgender body mutilation. It didn’t stop there. Now they are changing the Bible!

Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids.

The homosexual drive for acceptance and approval is increasingly focused on recruiting in the public schools.

How Does It Happen? The Path to Perversion

"We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups." - Michael Swift, Gay Community News

I Caught Netflix Trying to Groom My Kids

The popular kids show CoComelon, in their new Netflix series, shows a boy dancing for his gay dads in a tutu and tiara.

Internet Ministries Pressured by Homosexuals

Homosexual activists have persuaded major internet providers to block websites that offer a Christian viewpoint of homosexuality. Even Paypal is refusing to handle donations to some ministries.

Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?

When our government leaders use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion" are they taking us one step closer to stripping us of our right to evangelize?

Just A 'T' Too Far

What happens when government demands that an athlete who "looks" like a boy should be able to shower with the girls?? Should it be illegal for the girls to have some privacy?

Legislature Caves In on Parental Rights

The Georgia Legislature recently attempted to pass a bill giving parents the option to object when their child was about to join a homosexual club at school.

LGBT Activists Now Targeting Christians

Christian businesses, Christian schools, and now churches are being legally threatened if they 'discriminate' by following God's Word rather than man's laws.

LGBT Activists Shut Down Franklin Graham Venues

Stadium owners in England have begun cancelling events scheduled for The Billy Graham Association's Franklin Graham, because of backlash from the LGBTX crowd.

Mainline 'Churches' Splitting Over Same-Sex Marriage

Several church denominations are losing thousands of churches and their members because of the pro-homosexual stance that these organizations are pushing.

Major Exodus From Liberal Denomination

Seventy congregations in north Georgia have voted to leave the United Methodist Church (UMC), primarily because of a creeping acceptance of homosexuality in the denomination.

Marxist Lesbian to Head American Library Association

Karl Marx was the originator of a godless political system with the diabolical strategy of creating strife in a nation sufficient to overthrow the government. Over 100 million people have been executed or starved to death by some form of Marxist philosophy.

Media Executive Accuses TV Producers of Moral Subversion

Producers of television and movies are intentionally shaping the minds of viewers to accept profanity, fornication and homosexuality as "normal" behavior.

Media Ignores Brutal Murder by Homosexuals

Matthew Shepard has become a poster boy for the homosexual activists thanks to massive media attention.

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2011

Thanks to the word "tolerance," everyone is scared to death to offend a "gay."

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2013

Young people must recognize the gay lifestyle is demonic and only the Lord Jesus Christ can set them free.

Methodists Vote to Obey the Bible

In the convention voting, help was needed from overseas groups to prevent this attack by US homosexual activists.

Modern 'Tolerance' Does Not Include Bible Believers

So far in the U.S.A., Bible believers have avoided paying fines for speaking out against homosexuality.

Nation’s First High School LGBTQ+ Course In Maryland

Two high schools in Maryland are scheduling a pilot course on the 'history and culture' of homosexuality. The Montgomery County Board of Education unanimously approved the development of the curriculum to be offered in the spring semester.

New Homosexual Disorder

Monkeypox - yet another frightening disease has surfaced that afflicts ‘men who have sex with men.’ It’s yet another case of ‘receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.’ (Romans 1:27)

Notes from All Over - January 2024

Some victories, and challenges, in the global battle against perversion. Win some, lose some, but NEVER give up!

Our Children Are the Next LGBT Target

Their agenda comes at the cost of innocence. Is it really that hard to tell if you’re a boy or a girl?

Parents Beware

Satan's struggle to capture the next generation continues in our government schools.

Parents, Do You Know What's Happening in School?

Transgender grooming in kindergarten? A battle for the next generation is insidiously being waged inside our public schools.

Pastors Convicted For 'Vilifying' Muslims

Two pastors in Australia have been convicted of "racial vilification of Muslims" for presenting a seminar on the teachings of Islam.

Pope Forced To Backpedal in Chile

Pope Francis invited three of the most vocal victims of priest sexual abuse to the Vatican for a week of testimony only after the uproar from his accusation of slander.

Pope Says That Homosexuality is Sin —But Not a Crime

Is the pope simply reflecting the lies that some people are 'born that way' and need to be protected from any criminal judgment that resembles God’s viewpoint?

President Promotes "Orientation" Myth at Homosexual Fund Raiser

Addressing a recent fund-raiser for the nation's largest homosexual organization, President Clinton said, "We have to broaden the imagination of America."

Priesthood Pedophilia Exposing Unbiblical Catholic Doctrine

In January the Vatican issued new rules dealing with priests who abuse children.

Pro-Aborts and Sodomites to Spend Millions On Election

In this election year, it is essential that we remember that, "Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)

Professor Gets Threats for Study Showing Homosexuals Can Change

A Columbia professor of psychiatry has released a study showing that "contrary to conventional wisdom some (homosexuals) ... can and do change (sexual orientation).

Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot at Manhood

The American Psychological Associations has come out with new guidelines on counseling men. But godless psychologists ignore the spiritual aspect of man's make up.

Public Schools New Recruiting Field for Homosexuals

In the campaign to recruit our children into the homosexual lifestyle, one organization has been formed to promote it specifically to school children.

Roman Catholicism’s Disconnect from the Scriptures Is Increasingly Clear

When popes or anyone else ignores the Bible in their efforts to solve the world’s problems, the Bible says that lawlessness shall increase until chaos reigns. See how Pope Francis is abandoning Biblical teaching to fit the U.N. One World agenda.

Same-Sex Mania

As a judge watches the changing sexual standards of society, he asks "does this mean incest is going to be accepted?"

Same-Sex Marriage Didn't End It

The "bathroom wars" are a natural consequence of accepting same-sex marriage. Appeasement always results in demands for "more."

Satan's Ingenuity

The homosexual movement is redefining God in their own image. The result is hard to believe.

SBC Conference Addresses Ministry to "Gays"

Speakers admitted that homosexual unions are incompatible with the Scriptures.

Schools Pressured to Tell Students Sodomy is OK

A sodomite "Educators Network" has mailed a booklet promoting the homosexual lifestyle to 15,000 school superintendents across the country.

'Scouting' New Sexual Territory

Boy Scouts targeted in cultural battle for the souls of our children.

Sexual Revolution Devastating to Children

Topics once avoided in the presence of children because they were considered too “suggestive” are now being taught as early as elementary school. We are witnessing the devastating effect for any child who lacks Biblical guidance and protection.

So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?

How did we manage to get where families freely take their children downtown to watch parades of sexual perversion?

Sodomite Sex Now Taught in Public Schools

If it is not already there, instructions in sodomy will be coming soon to elementary schools in your neighborhood, if the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has their way.

Sodomite War Stories

The pathway to 'lawful perversion' widens with the recent 'civil union' laws.

Sodomites Attack Donors to Yes-on-Marriage Amendment

As America continues to legalize sin, those committed to evil become more bold in attacking people standing for righteousness.

Sodomites Continuing Push for Approval

Examples of new laws giving special protections to homosexuals.

Sodomites Declare War on Boy Scouts

At a late November meeting, the City Council of Los Angeles voted 11-0 to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America declaring that it will no longer accommodate groups that discriminate against homosexuals and atheists.

Sodomites Moving in on Children's Clubs

Evidence is mounting that the world is getting increasingly dangerous for our children.

Sodomites Targeting Next Generation

On April 10th, students in nearly 1800 high schools and colleges gave up talking for the day in protest over "intolerance" toward sodomite classmates.

Stop! Stop! Not Appropriate For Children

When a parent began reading a book from the school library, in a school board meeting, the shocked board members insisted she stop. They were embarrassed at the content. Should this be in the school library?

Study Indicates Homosexual Acts Shorten Lifespan

A new study by the Family Research Institute adds strong new evidence that homosexual acts lead to morbid sicknesses and early death.

Testimonies Threaten LGBT Agenda

While LGBT groups try to make it illegal to help homosexuals find freedom in Christ, their message is undermined by testimonies of those who have found freedom, and salvation.

The Dark Side of 'Gay'

You won't hear these statistics about "gay" life in the news... it's not politically correct.

The Next Step in the Sexual Revolution

Those who raised a red flag early on in the sexual revolution predicted that pedophilia was in the plans. Now, the attack on our children is relentless.

The Resistance to Sin is Rising

The public is finally being allowed to see the alternative to gender-change mutilation, Critical Race Theory and abortion. And many Christians and legislatures are fighting back!

They're After Your Children!

For years laws in California and some other states have been passed that allow gay advocates more and more access to your child. But there IS something you can do.

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Laws

Homosexual rights activists are literally dancing in the streets (of San Francisco) celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the Texas law against sodomy.

Vatican Power Politics More Important Than Truth

When the Catholic church declared that their teachings, the Magisterium, superseded the Bible, they gave themselves the authority to change church doctrine as they wished —adapting to the shifting winds of culture.

War Over Transgenders Heats Up

So much in our culture is based on the male-female framework. However, the transgender movement is demanding that everything be changed to accommodate the gender confused: bathrooms, dress codes, sports categories, application forms, —even pronouns!

When Wrong Became Right

In an effort to make homosexuality acceptable, activists have shut down sources of information on the high rates of disease, suicide and depression among this group.

Whose Abomination?

For anyone who wishes to honestly consult God’s opinion on the practice of homosexuality, these scriptures, including the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, leave very little doubt.

Why Mutilate the Body? It's About the Soul!

There have been several recent news stories of parents funding hormone treatments for their young children to change their gender. But nobody asks these parents the most important question.

Will 'Right to Die' Become 'Obligation to Die?'

"I just feel if we can do it for animals, we can do it for human beings." Robert Baxter, a 75-year-old retired truck driver in Montana is referring to his petition to the state supreme court to allow a doctor to kill him.

With Sodomy Laws Repealed, Will Age-of-Consent Laws Be Next?

CBN's NewsWatch reports that sexual predators who target children have learned a how-to lesson from the homosexual movement on seeking legitimacy.

Youngsters Told to 'Construct' Their Own Gender

The next frontier for homosexual activism is to establish the concept of transgender into the culture.