LGBT Activists Now Targeting Christians

New items collected just for this issue of Battle Cry exceed two dozen on the threat of the LGBT assault on Christians. In California, a new LGBT curriculum for public schools has been approved by Education Department officials. Second graders will now learn about families with two moms or two dads. Fourth graders will learn about Harvey Milk, a "pioneering gay politician" in San Francisco who romanced teen boys and ended up murdered in his office. Other LGBT people and milestones in history will be laced into lessons all the way up the grades.

Elsewhere in California, Christian colleges are watching a couple of bills in committee. Both deal with "discrimination" by the schools toward LGBTQ applicants. One stipulates that, if the school accepts students who receive Cal Grants, a state scholarship, it must certify that it will not "discriminate" on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. This prevents the school from holding up any biblical standard if they accept students who receive this state aid.

The other bill also pressures Christian schools that hold a Federal exemption from anti-discrimination laws, which prevents them from being forced to hire homosexuals and accept non-believers as students. The proposed bill demands posting of signs on campus explaining their "discriminatory" policies. This invites lawsuits by anyone "offended" by these policies.

In Southern California, Robert O. Lopez, a Bible-believing professor at Cal State University in Northridge forfeited his tenure and his job rather than sacrifice his belief in God`s plan for marriage. After being forced to resign, he writes: "I had served for eight years under a dean trained in Women`s Studies, surrounded in her executive suite by lesbians and feminists, who hated me for celebrating the beauty and glory of chastity and Biblical love. I could not have my relationship with Jesus Christ and this job simultaneously. The choice was not that difficult." After years of hacked computers, vandalized office, and false complaints against him, Lopez gave it up for Jesus Christ.

It seems that Christian parents hoping to protect their kids` innocence have nowhere to hide them. Even "Nickelodeon 'makes history` with its first 'gay married` couple in kids cartoon," the headline reads. Viewers discover that Lincoln Loud in The Loud House has a friend with two dads.

Of course, it is not all new because Nickelodeon had already "introduced" a bisexual couple in The Legend of Korra in 2014. Similar episodes have recently showed up on the Disney Channel`s Good Luck Charlie, and the Cartoon Network in Clarence.

Churches in Iowa are having to fight a new interpretation of Iowa`s civil rights act. An amendment was added prohibiting "discrimination" in "public accommodations" because of a person`s sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Since churches "accommodate the public," a strict interpretation of the law would force churches to hire practicing homosexuals. It could even open them to lawsuits if a transgender person was offended by biblical preaching or was prevented from using the bathroom of their choice.

Many Christian businesses have also been attacked for their stand against same-sex marriage. Christian bakers and florists have lost their businesses in lawsuits for refusing to participate in same-sex weddings. ChristianMingle and eHarmony were both forced to include same-sex ads in their dating service.

Throughout history, Satan has used government to attack believers. We really need to counterattack. America`s founding fathers built barriers around our freedom to witness that are crumbling. But our weapons are not carnal. We must vote for leaders who will best protect our freedom, but unless true revival takes root, we will only have bad people to vote for.

Gospel tracts are a good way to seed Truth into your neighborhood, but Satan is working overtime trying to stop us.

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