Internet Ministries Pressured by Homosexuals

Ministries that speak against sexual sin are under increasing attack in cyberspace. A report by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) faults Google, Apple, Facebook, Comcast, and AT&T for policies censoring lawful viewpoints on "hot button issues." Unfortunately, those viewpoints include biblical teachings such as God's opinion on marriage and caring for innocent life, inside the womb as well as outside.

Homosexual activists look for every way to promote their sin and silence any objections. For example, Apple removed an app for Exodus International from their iTunes store after receiving 107,000 signed petitions from homosexuals. Exodus provides a biblical way for homosexuals to escape their sin and be restored to normal sexual life. Apple's excuse for removing the app was that it was "offensive to large groups of people."

Under pressure last year, Apple also removed an app promoting The Manhattan Declaration signed by nearly half a million people that "speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty."

By contrast, Apple provides hundreds of apps specific to the GLBT community and has made the Gay Christian Network's podcasts available on its iTunes store.

Facebook was also targeted by the NRB for "troublesome written policies," and removing "anti-gay" content. Google was mentioned in the report as prohibiting advertising by Christians and blocking pro-family web sites.

On another front in the "culture war," PayPal, the international online payment system, is caving in to pressure to refuse to handle transactions for several high-profile Christian ministries who dare speak the truth on this sin. Famed Brazilian pro-family and pro-life Christian activist, Julio Severo, has been notified by PayPal that he will no longer be allowed to use PayPal for donations or personal payments. He and nine other organizations were targeted by the Homosexual group All Out "as purveyors of hate and extremism." Several have been contacted by PayPal for an investigation.

Another big development in this same "cultural clash" is the White House's instruction to the Pentagon to cancel its policy of "don't ask, don't tell" in military recruitment. Not only can open homosexuals now serve in the military, the Pentagon ruled that military chaplains were permitted to perform same-sex marriages in military chapels. In response, some 2000 chaplains have notified the officials that they would not be performing such "weddings."

On a lighter note, the New York Times ran an article about a search in the animal world for evidence of same-sex behavior. Deep in the Pacific Ocean, they located a squid that appears to not really care what sex he interacts with. He seems just as happy to supply sperm to any other member of his species regardless of sex. Of course if he picks the wrong one, no procreation happens. The article cited another publication that describes similar non-discriminatory behavior —among insects. I suppose the implication is that, if Mother Nature doesn't have a problem with it, why should we?

Well, we should, because God does. And we need to do our part in this war by pointing that out to as many people as possible. One good way is to saturate our neighborhoods with no-nonsense tracts stating God's view. Many people have a vague feeling that something is not right with same-sex behavior. Chick tracts Sin City and Uninvited will help them see what it is.

With less than 5% of the population, homosexuals have managed to get laws and the media on their side. Our freedom to speak the truth is in jeopardy if we don't stand against them. Additional information can be found in the paperback book, Hot Topics.