Episcopalians Refuse Homosexual Lies, Fall Into Pope's Trap

Confusion continues to reign in the 70 million member Anglican "church" with the election of the second homosexual to a bishop level leadership. In a balloting during the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Lesbian Mary D. Glasspool was selected as a candidate for assistant bishop in the diocese.

The first open homosexual, V. Gene Robinson, was elected bishop in 2003. Since then, the denomination has been torn by members pointing out that the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination. Some parishes have pulled out to join foreign dioceses or create their own.

However, the ones who are attempting to get back to a biblical standard are being enticed to join another highly unbiblical organization. Like a wolf watching from the bushes for a weakened animal, the pope is offering to give sanctuary to the Anglican leaders and congregations.

Using the bait that they have a common opposition to homosexual clergy, he is offering to waive the celibacy requirement and allow them to become Roman   Catholic priests.

Some have already accepted the pope's offer. How sad that they are trying to observe the biblical standard on sodomy and overlooking what the Bible has to say about the pope's prostitute "church."

Unfortunately, many who consider themselves to be Bible-believing evangelicals are just as confused about popery as the misguided Anglicans. They have bought the lie that Roman Catholicism is just another "denomination with a different style of worship."

They have forgotten that the leaders of the Reformation correctly identified the pope as a false Christ and head of the biggest unbiblical cult in the world.

They are mostly uninformed about Rome's unbiblical worship of Mary, salvation by ritual and works, wafer god, infant baptism, confession to a priest who has the power to forgive sin, etc.

One of the worst abominations of Catholicism is the pope's claim that he is Christ's official representative on earth. He is called the "vicar" of Christ —one who acts for Christ. We get the word, "vice" (as in vice president) from the same root word.

Jesus warned repeatedly that many would come in His name, claiming to be Christ. (See Matt. 24:23-27.) People would claim that Christ was in the desert or hidden in some secret place. We are not to believe them because when He comes back everyone will see Him.

In order to warn about the pope's lies, Chick Publications has revised and updated the discontinued tract, Is There Another Christ? It shows the subtle deception of the pope's priestcraft system. The Roman Catholic "Christ" is actually a wafer god created by a priest who is defined in Catholic theology as an "Alter Christus," Another Christ!

The tract describes how this wafer "Christ" is worshipped in the Mass, and eaten as a re-creation of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. It also quotes popes who have declared that: "To be subject to the Roman pontiff is ...altogether necessary for salvation."

The Episcopalians, the U.S. branch of the worldwide Anglican Church, are not the only ones deceived by this false Christ. Many sincere believers have failed to carefully examine the description of the prostitute church in Revelation 17 and 18. They both need to be given a copy of this tract so they will know the truth.

Besides deceived believers, unbelievers need to be told the truth about this false "church" so they will not be ensnared by the pope's lies. Seeding this tract into a community will serve both purposes, plus it includes an invitation to trust Christ alone for eternal life.

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