Media Executive Accuses TV Producers of Moral Subversion

Producers of television and movies are intentionally shaping the minds of viewers to accept profanity, fornication and homosexuality as "normal" behavior, claims Joseph Farah, who served as editor of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. Recently, in an interview with William F. Jasper, published by "The New American," Farah accused TV executives of being hypocrites.

Farah pointed out that, on one hand, these executives will cry, "Don't tell us about the negative impact of sex and violence on TV. There's no hard evidence to show that what people watch has any effect on them in real life."

Then, says Farah, when they have some big cause they want promoted, they carefully work to put those things into their shows. Obviously, they know it works.

Breaking Down "Straight" America

When asked about the Gay Media Task Force and its influence on television programing, Farah said, "Hollywood TV and movie producers pay these people (homosexuals) to advise them on how to bring 'gay' characters and themes into their programming, with the very clear purpose being to break down 'straight' America's aversion to homosexuality. The writers and directors actually sit down with these guys on a regular basis and go over their scripts to accommodate the 'gay' lobby. And these homosexuals are often very militant and demanding."

Farah was asked about a controversy which surrounded an episode of the "Midnight Caller" TV drama, which homosexual activists demanded be changed because of its unfavorable presentation of a homosexual. His answer was revealing. "NBC actually modified the script to please them. But the homosexuals still weren't happy, because they didn't get to write the script. So NBC obliged them by doing a sequel and letting them write it. They gave the homosexuals a writer for six months who met with and traveled with the 'gay' activists and AIDS groups continuously, and was totally sympathetic to their 'cause.'" The message of the program was a condemnation of the U.S. Government for not spending enough money on AIDS research. And, like all the other programs, it was a condemnation of "homophobia," which to them means any disapproval of their "lifestyle."

Profanity Called "Ground Breaking"

The interviewer also brought up the subject of profanity in television, saying, "Some writers and producers have actually admitted that they are actively engaged in cultural and moral subversion, injecting profanity and sexual material into their scripts to gradually desensitize their audiences."

Farah replied, "The most notable example that comes to mind is Steven Botchko, the creator of Hill Street Blues and a number of other popular programs. He's said in a number of interviews that he goes out of his way to include "d____" and other profanities in his shows because he considers that a ground breaking kind of effort. He thinks he's really doing good if he gets these (formerly) forbidden words in, because he knows it has a tremendous cultural-moral impact. There are lots of others like him who are crusaders for pushing TV to new limits. There is definitely a concerted campaign by many of these people to move the viewing public toward a more liberal moral outlook."

The Target: Your Children

"Battle Cry" readers should be aware of TV's ability to desensitize. Children learn by imitation. After they watch enough bedroom scenes, they will conclude they should look for a partner to act "grownup" themselves at a distressingly early age. After they have heard enough profanity, their own speech will overflow with this new-found vocabulary. Having watched enough homosexuals shown as the "good guys," compassionate, sensitive and caring, they will consider those who reject homosexuality as "bigots." Satan knows full well how to tempt them next.

After they watch enough people brutally murdered and maimed, they will see that as a normal part of life, and be more likely to resort to that themselves if pushed. Let those who think this is over-reacting take a look at the rising incidence of teen-age murder, suicide, and rape. We sow what we reap. And right now, the enemy of our souls is sowing sin in the minds of our children.

Parents, beware!

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