Christian Legal Society Excluded from University Campus

The U.S. Supreme Court is pondering a case that will have serious consequences for Christian student groups in our universities. The evangelical Christian Legal Society (CLS) has been excluded from campus privileges by the Hastings College of Law of the University of California.

Hasting refuses to officially recognize any group that does not allow voting membership to all students. While CLS invites all students to attend the meetings, voting members and official leaders must sign the CLS statement of faith requiring  adherence to "biblical principles of sexual morality." This conflicted with Hastings' anti-discrimination policies, and CLS was not allowed to meet on campus, participate in the student funding, or receive official recognition.

This case has arrived at the top federal court after contradictory rulings by several lower courts. Universities in North Carolina, Montana and Ohio have had their similar policies challenged with mixed results.

Sin Now Legalized

But these incidents illustrate the slippery slope we are on because we began to legalize sin several decades ago. The legitimate civil rights movement that rightfully fought and won equality of race, ethnicity and religion has been hijacked to protect sinful behavior.

Sodomy advocates succeeded in shifting the discussion from a "preferred" behavior to an inborn "orientation." Now it was not their fault because either "God made them that way," or they had reached a higher level in human evolution where freedom of sexual expression is the new norm. Now they were a "third sex" deserving special "civil rights" like being Afro-American or Chinese.

This clever justification for their sin laid the foundation for the current dispute over discrimination. They claim that if we forbid discrimination on the basis of race, then we should also for sexual "orientation." Hastings officials have bought this clever deception because they refuse to take God's view in the Bible that sodomy is an "abomination."

Various "Civil Rights Acts" have been passed outlawing unequal treatment (discrimination) on the basis of color, race, religion and gender. Homosexual activists have succeeded in getting sexual "orientation" added to this list. This is how anti-discrimination rules have come to apply to a Christian group such as the CLS.

Bible-believers are in the bull's eye for the sodomite activists. Their goal is to silence any opposition to their sin. This even includes any opposition from God. Christians in Europe and Canada are finding out where this is going. As the anti-discrimination laws have been tightened, preachers have been arrested, fined, and even sentenced to jail for preaching from the biblical passages dealing with sodomy. Others have lost their jobs, even in the U.S., for expressing God's viewpoint.

Afro-American activists have succeeded in making it inappropriate (or even illegal) to use certain language when referring to Black people. Using the same laws, the homosexual lobby plans to eliminate any negative speech or discussion about their sin. If they succeed, Bible believers here will also be prosecuted.

This is why this U.S. Supreme Court case is so important. If the anti-discrimination laws can be used to deny CLS their constitutional rights under the First Amendment, it will set a solid precedent for others to deny freedom of worship, speech and right of assembly to churches and other Bible-based organizations.

If we do not speak up now against this drive to further legalize the sin of homosexuality, we may soon be forbidden to speak at all. Most unbelievers are unaware of the danger even though they believe that homosexual behavior is wrong.
We need to use tracts like Sin City and Doom Town to wake up our communities to God's judgment if we continue to tolerate this sin. Further details can be obtained from books like Hot Topics.

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