Christians Becoming Poster Children for Satan's Lies

The wave of doubt in the Word of God is rising to a tsunami. Two lies are the primary sources for this doubt: 1) homosexual orientation is God given, and 2) evolution.

"Christian" proponents of the first lie include Matthew Vines, author of "God and the Gay Christian," recently released by Convergent Books, and Vicky Beeching, popular CCM singer and social commentator.  

Vines discounts the biblical accounts of God`s view of homosexuals by claiming that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed over an attempted gang rape; and that Leviticus 18 is old, outdated law.

Beeching recently "came out" as "gay," declaring that God`s love would approve her affection for another woman. And she stated her determination to spread the lie: "I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people."

Another "Christian" singer has gone public, promoting the other lie, evolution. The false science of evolution presents biblical history as so many myths and legends. Michael Gungor, with his wife, Lisa, form the Christian band, Gungor. Like many who doubt the biblical account of creation, Gungor has bought into "theistic evolution," the belief that somehow, God used the evolution process to create the world and all of creation. Of course, to do this, the biblical account has to be discarded as just myth and legend.

To Gungor, the Genesis account of creation is simply a poem, one of great intrinsic value, but not to be taken literally. But, as someone asked, "If you don`t believe the first 11 chapters of Genesis, why do you need John 3:16?"

This attempt to shove evolution into God`s narrative of creation demonstrates monumental ignorance of the evidence. Author Vance Ferrell, has compiled nearly 1000 pages of evidence in his book, The Evolution Handbook, confounding the "theory" of evolution.

Part two of the chapter on age of the earth illustrates King David`s declaration: "The heavens declare the glory of God..." "Ferrell describes stars so enormous in diameter that they could not have existed for millions of years, or their initial mass would have been impossibly large."

Also in those "heavens" there are enormous stars that radiate a million times the energy of our sun. But the evolutionist`s own theory about star energy indicates these stars don`t contain enough hydrogen to maintain fusion longer than 300,000 years.

When it comes to our own sun, its radiation that warms our planet is causing it to slowly shrink. To be its present size, it would have been so large 50,000 years ago as to boil our oceans.

Ferrell`s book is a very thick read and a huge indictment of evolutionary theory. Key topics such as big bang, mutations, age of earth, inaccurate dating methods, effects of Noah`s flood, tectonics, archeological dating, DNA, are included in devastating detail.

A whole chapter is devoted to the intelligent design movement of scientists, Christian and unbelievers, who have concluded, from the overwhelming evidence, that creation must have a designer.

This fact sits deep in the heart of man who always assumes that cars, wrist watches, smart phones and bandwidth are all designed by someone. Yet, evolutionists, with a straight face, teach our children that millions of years of accidents created such wonders as their mother, puppies, whales and sunshine.

With resources such as The Evolution Handbook, you can easily counter the lies that Satan is feeding you and your kids at every turn.

Younger and younger children are encountering the question of homosexuality. As they are able, tracts like, Sin City, Home Alone, Uninvited and Doom Town can be used to guide them to the truth. We also need to salt these truths widely into our communities to strengthen those who really want to stand up for righteousness.