Christian Fired for Expressing Biblical View of Homosexuality

An employee in Massachusetts has been fired from his job for expressing his Biblical opinion about homosexuality.

According to, Peter Vadala was employed at a Brookstone store in Boston's Logan Airport. The female manager of another Brookstone store announced to Vadala that she was going to be married to another woman.

Vadala did not comment at first, but after she told him several times, he expressed his Christian opinion that homosexual conduct was wrong.

In a short time, he received a termination notice from the chain's human resources department. The stated reasons were that he engaged in "harassment," and his comments were "inappropriate and unprofessional."

Not only has Massachusetts made same-sex marriage legal, but state anti-discrimination laws provide special protection for homosexuals. This has resulted in silencing any opposition. "Basically, if you work for any company in Massachusetts, they can fire you for expressing your beliefs as a Christian," says Vadala.

Christian leaders have been warning us that the passage of same-sex marriage laws and special protections for homosexuals would result in silencing anyone who voices a Biblical view about it. Several states have installed these laws over the objections of a majority of their citizens. The citizens of thirty-one states have voted to restrict marriage to one man and one woman. In California and Maine, where legislatures and courts have installed same-sex marriage, the citizens have risen up and voted it down.

But they have paid a price. In California, homosexual thugs disrupted businesses and churches who gave money to defeat same-sex marriage. By law, the name and address of every donor who contributed more than $100 to the campaign to defeat same sex marriage had to be publicly listed by the Secretary of State.

Activists picked these up and went almost door-to-door harassing them. Some were laid off from their jobs because of the disruptions. Court suits are being filed in some states to keep donor's names from being exposed.

Vadala's experience must teach us the hazards to Christians and any others who object to making homosexuality legal and acceptable.

Sodomite activists will not stop their legal bulldozers until no one is allowed to object to their sin. We, as Christians, must stand against this perversion in every way we can. We must vote against the legalizing of homosexual behavior every chance we get.

But it is more important to alert the people who may not be Christians, but believe that it is somehow wrong.

We need to show them that our Creator made us man and woman and calls any other arrangement an abominable confusion. One easy way to do that is by widespread planting of gospel tracts that contain God's word on the subject. Chick Publications has several tracts that target this subject, including Sin City and Doom Town.

These titles are in stock and available in any quantity. Other titles that are no longer stocked, are still available in minimum press runs of 10,000 copies. These include Birds and the Bees for children, and Gay Blade.

For someone who would like to blanket their community with this message, each of these titles is available at half price in lots of 10,000. All of these titles can be read on our web site,

The recently released paperback, Hot Topics, contains a chapter called "Home Alone," an illustrated story of the seduction of a child and more information about the agenda of the sodomites.

If we do not speak up now, we may not be able to soon. Their aim is to silence us and they are very near to doing it.

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