Public Schools New Recruiting Field for Homosexuals

In the campaign to recruit our children into the homosexual lifestyle, one organization has been formed to promote it specifically to school children. Known as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) it's goals include establishing homosexual clubs on all school campuses, inserting homosexual concepts into curriculum, holding "diversity" seminars for teachers and students, introduction of positive discussions about homosexuality into elementary school classrooms —including kindergarten, holding special bisexual awareness days, instruction for homosexual teachers in strategies for promoting a pro-homosexual atmosphere, broaden the definition of family to include parents of the same sex, and creation of unisex bathrooms in school for "transgendered" students.

One huge success by GLSEN has been to get the politically powerful National Education Association (NEA) on their side. The keynote speaker at the year 2000 GLSEN national convention was NEA president Robert F. Chase. He pledged to promote a safe environment for all students and teachers, which is the cover that GLSEN needs to promote its agenda.

Anytime someone objects to their agenda, they start screaming harassment, hate and discrimination and the officials rush in to make it "safe" for them.

Some of the workshops held at the GLSEN convention show their methods and agenda. One hyped a new video to be used in classrooms. It was entitled "That's a Family" and shows the different compositions of families including multiracial, single parent, unmarried couples, two male parents and two lesbian parents. The film included very little about traditional, mother-father families.

Another workshop instructed homosexual teachers how to begin softening up the school attitudes by wearing triangle or rainbow jewelry, dropping comments in staff meetings and break rooms to test the water, commenting to students that they should consider options in dating other than the usual boy-girl dates, etc. Establishment of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs (GSAs) was another big item on the convention agenda. Leaders at the year 2000 convention bragged that there were already over 700 such clubs on campuses across the country. The GLSEN web site is currently celebrating the establishment of the 2000th club.

According to the website, "The young people involved in these student clubs are providing an invaluable service and support system for their peers while changing the climate of their schools and communities from one where discrimination and harassment are the rule to environments where everyone learns to respect and accept all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity / expression."

Notice in this quote how the language is changing. Up until recently, homosexuality was a "preference" indicating that it was a choice. Activists had to get rid of this idea of choice so "orientation" became the term, implying that homosexuals were born that way.

Once that transition was nailed down, "discrimination" and "harassment" had to be redefined. Any attempt to point out that sodomy was sinful, unbiblical, or medically harmful was quickly branded with these labels and schools had to be made "safe" from such "attitudes."

Now we are seeing new terms such as "gender identity / expression" and "perceived gender."

These come under the heading of "transsexual," one who has made or is making the shift from one sex to another. If someone "perceives" his gender to be different than his body features indicate, then he must be free to "express" his new "gender identity." This "expression" may be simply a boy dressing as a girl, or going to the extreme of having surgery and hormone treatments to convert their physique to the opposite gender.

Government laws now are in place to prosecute anyone who objects or even tries to stand in the way of this "transition." California passed such a law last year and now public schools are required to write protections into their policy manuals. School boards that object are threatened with loss of funds.

The hidden purpose in promoting the "transsexual" is recruitment. Since homosexuals cannot reproduce themselves, they must entice the sexually unstable or manipulate the emotions of impressionable youngsters. The recent drive to pave the way for the transsexual is most important. Without clear sailing in this area, many would never consider a cross over.

Parents, we must be alert. Satan wants our kids and has found a way to attach his perversion to the respectability of the second most important role model in our culture, the teacher. We must support teachers and administrators who are willing to put their jobs on the line to take a stand for righteousness. But we must expose this evil everywhere it has been able to slither in.