Sodomites Targeting Next Generation

On April 10th, students in nearly 1800 high schools and colleges gave up talking for the day in protest over "intolerance" toward sodomite classmates. Homosexual activists have tried for several years to promote the national "Day of Silence" to further worm their perverse agenda into the public schools.

Last year, students in about 200 schools participated. This year the number jumped to 1776 schools and colleges under the direction of a new national organizer, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN.)

This is further evidence of the success of the sodomite invasion of our public schools. When the Supreme Court stood with the Boy Scouts against sodomite scoutmasters, homosexual activists escalated their campaign to win acceptance by the next generation.

GLSEN has a multi-pronged agenda. While mounting a nationwide smear campaign against the Boy Scouts, they are pushing another campus club, gay-straight alliance (GSA). These clubs recruit students who believe they are homosexual and invite "straight" students to become members to support the sodomite cause. Since 1989, 700 GSA clubs have been established.

Resource materials for a GSA club include instructions on how to campaign for unisex bathrooms at their school and to watch and discuss movies with "gender non-conformist" characters..

GLSEN has won the support of the National Education Association (NEA) America's oldest and largest teacher's organization claiming over 2.3 million members. The NEA president gave the keynote address at a recent GLSEN convention.

GLSEN provides instruction to homosexual teachers on how to introduce homosexual issues into the schools. They are told to test the water by wearing homosexual jewelry and making remarks in conversation to test the level of "homophobia" in their school.

GLSEN designs curriculum materials for schools to use to teach that there are other family types beside the traditional mother-father unit. Included are two films, "It's Elementary" which gives instruction on presenting pro-homosexual concepts in the classroom and "That's a Family" which promotes homosexual parenting.

Unfortunately, their attack seems to be succeeding. One recent poll indicated that over 70 percent of public high school students have bought the idea that homosexuality is just another normal sexual expression.

How did we get here? For decades, education has been touted as the cure all for society's ills. Those in charge of the public schools believe that man is basically good, that all he needs is education. But the Bible says that the heart is deceitful and "desperately wicked" and must be regenerated by the Holy Spirit.

Ignoring the Bible, they proceeded to teach "Johnny" that he came from a monkey, so he is just another type of animal; that God is dead, or worse, just a doting Grandpa. Hell is just a big party; revenge is sweet and condoms make free sex into safe sex.

There are no moral or ethical standards, what is wrong for you may be right for me, depending on the situation. Now they are teaching that there is one chance in 10 that you were born homosexual, so check it out. After all, sodomites make good parents, anyway.

When the Bible believer comes out against all these lies, no wonder he walks into a firestorm. But we must not stop. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth. If we lose our flavor, we are no better than yard sand.

Churches and soul winners have an obligation to get the truth into the schools. Courts have blocked many avenues but they have consistently upheld the right of students to share gospel literature with fellow students.

Parents need to go and see what is going on in the local schools. Churches need to teach students how to witness personally and with literature. Bible believers need to mount a serious assault on the evils being taught. Students are being told that homosexuality is an acceptable life style. The Chick tract, Sin City, one of the new series of Bible tracts, makes it very clear that it is unacceptable.

Recent test cases have proven that school officials cannot forbid students from giving tracts to fellow students. We need to flood our schools with hard-hitting gospel tracts that clearly show God's opinion on the subject. After all, His opinion is the only one that counts.

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