Testimonies Threaten LGBT Agenda

Few ideas threaten the progress of the homosexual agenda more than “reparative therapy,” sometimes known as “conversion therapy.” That is because it suggests that those with same-sex attraction might not be “born that way.” This kind of counseling, whether by a pastor or by a licensed therapist, presupposes that people are not born with same-sex attraction, but it is something that can be overcome by that counseling.

But the word is getting out. And the most powerful threat to the homosexual agenda is the testimony of those rescued from that “abomination” by effective counseling and, like any other type of sin, directly by the power of God.

For two years in a row, a “Freedom March” has been held at the Washington Monument by a group of former homosexuals who testify to the power of the gospel to free from all sin.

Outstanding in their testimonies was a common theme: “It wasn’t a ‘gay to straight' thing, it was a ‘lost to saved’ thing,” declared Luis Ruiz, a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Many others spoke specifically of the power of the Holy Spirit to give them a new identity in Jesus Christ.

Focus On The Family has accumulated hundreds of “stories of hope and transformation” of people who have escaped from the LGBT world. At https://www.focusonthefamily.com/socialissues/sexuality/freedom-from-homosexuality, you will find links to personal testimonies and effective ministries successfully helping those who want to get out of unwanted same-sex attraction.

Also on the website is a thorough discussion of the wide-spread political move to make illegal all such attempts through counseling or therapy.

Homosexual strategists like to take a few events and use them as a lever to change the whole picture. One example is suicide. When a few people kill themselves during the process of therapy, a campaign is mounted against the therapy itself rather than examining other complex factors that may have contributed to the death.

Ignored are the thousands who have succeeded in escaping the homosexual culture of death.

As usual, the attack starts small to avoid attention. In 2012, California banned mental health professionals from providing “sexual orientation change efforts” for minors who are struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions. New Jersey followed the next year and Oregon, Illinois and Washington, DC more recently.

Fortunately, similar legislation introduced in other states has been defeated.

This government intrusion is dangerous in several levels. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are both threatened by these laws. This also drives a wedge between parents who look to counselors for help and counselors who are forbidden by law to do so.

One pastor put the whole thing in the biblical perspective. Confronted by a young man claiming to have been “born that way,” he responded: “Yes, of course! I also was born with an attraction to sin. However, I played out my sin in drugs and alcohol like you are doing in homosexual behavior. Jesus Christ freed me from my sin when I dedicated my life to Him. He is fully able to do the same for your sin.”

With this approach, the pastor was able to lead the man to a commitment to Christ.

The hundreds of stories on the Focus On The Family website testify to the effectiveness of this approach.

The Bible simply categorizes sodomy along with all the other ways to rebel against God’s perfect plan. The Holy Spirit helps us resist all sin, whatever the label, including the basket of lies about the sin of homosexuality.

For every person, the starting line of the race to abundant life is acceptance of the “good news” of freedom from sin through the blood of Christ.

Every reader of Chick tracts and books is faithfully confronted with this foundational decision.

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