When Wrong Became Right

A careful walk through the books written by the Old Testament prophets is a sobering experience. The parallels between today’s culture and the decline of Israel are more than just a concern. Page after page lays out God’s disgust.

Isaiah 5:20 spells out an upside-down world: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;”

Nowhere is that more evident today than in the rapid acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. And when you examine the horrendous health hazards, the evil becomes graphic.

In fact, one reason we hear so little about it is because nice people don’t use words that are necessary to describe it. Dry statistics are inadequate, so we go merrily on, ignoring the multiple agonies that afflict them. But here are a few of the facts: 1

(1) “Estimates are that homosexual men, lesbians, and bisexuals (male and female) together comprise 3% to 4% of the total US population, not the 10% figure used by activists.”

(2) “The number of men and women engaging in homosexual sex has doubled since 1990, amplifying public health consequences.”

(3) “MSM (men having sex with men) comprised 77% of new HIV infections among men in 2010 in the U.S.”

(4) “HIV/AIDS is overwhelmingly a ‘gay’ disease. 67% of all new cases are among MSM.”

(5) “A Swedish study found 20 times the rate of completed suicides among transgenders compared to the general public.”

(6) “…22% to 28% of biological male transgenders are estimated to be HIV positive.”

One study published early in the HIV epidemic indicated that the average MSM participant had an expected lifespan of around 45 years —before HIV. After HIV, it dropped below 40.

These statements are only the tip of the iceberg. Recent statistics are hard to come by because the activists have been able to shut down many of the sources of data. They have also succeeded in reversing the views of major medical institutions from labeling the homosexual lifestyle as “disordered,” to promoting the mainlining of it.

And the news that we do get is typical of Satan’s propaganda machine. All is sweetness and light with lovely same-sex families raising thriving kids. But kids tell a different story. One study found 23 different factors where children were worse off, including having been sexually molested, have a sexually transmitted infection, and having recent thoughts of suicide. 2

And many studies consistently show that having a mother and father gives a better outcome than two fathers or two mothers.

Mental health studies found much higher depression and suicide rates among homosexuals, particularly among those living a promiscuous lifestyle. “The American Association of Suicidology notes a study showing gay men were six times more likely than the heterosexual males to attempt suicide and the lesbians were two times more likely than heterosexual females to attempt.” 3

The other side of the message of the prophets was hope and healing if Israel would turn back to God’s way of living, and they repeatedly stressed God’s mercy. But that mercy had a limit. Then the message turned very dark and certain: destruction, death, poverty, and servanthood to pagan invaders. It is hard to tell where that limit is, but we are seeing the beginning of the death and destruction. America desperately needs to repent for the evil that we call good.

We can echo this statement by someone who did repent:

“I was walking down a road that led to nowhere good.”—Mariah Barton: 4

Soul winners, saturation of your neighborhood with gospel tracts will go a long way toward the conviction for sin that we need before revival can come.


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2. See https://www.focusonthefamily.com/faith/key-findings-of-mark-regnerus-new-family-structure-study/

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