Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the "Sexual Revolution"

For fifty years, one court case after another has jackhammered away at the foundations of marriage. So, where are we headed now?

The Best Retirement 'Investment'

This couple found a way to make their "Golden Years" productive for eternity.

'United Religions' Idea Floated from Unlikely Source

Former Israeli leader suggests a "UN of religions" headed by the pope (who wants Jerusalem).

Was Jesus a Divine Sinner?

Two modern Bibles removed a single word, and present Jesus as a sinner.

King James Bible a Major Obstacle to the New World Order

A famous occultist reveals how the King James Bible is hindering the New World Order.

Science Discovers Faith, But in What?

The public's trust in "science" is increasingly frayed.

Advice of 47 Years

How street preaching builds strong, powerful preachers.

New Churches Continue Springing Up From Tract Saturation

Many reports are coming to Chick Publications of tract saturation efforts on the mission fields leading to new churches.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2015

The world has gotten on the bandwagon to abandon the preserved King James. But we will remain faithful to it's message.

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