King James Bible a Major Obstacle to the New World Order

By David W. Daniels

A Google search for "New World Order" turns up thousands of references. People love to talk about the New World Order, (NWO). What do they mean?

In the simplest form, it is two things:
1. A world without God.
2. A world without reminders of God.

Prominent occultist Manly Palmer Hall was deeply into the New World Order. He wrote about the NWO —and showed what the King James Bible has to do with it.

Hall wrote about many religions. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a 33rd Degree Mason, loved Hall`s occultic, NWO teachings. Forty-seven years after Hall wrote about Masonry, he was given an honorary 33rd degree. The man had major connections and lots of money.

During World War II, over a year before the USA bombed Japan, Manly P. Hall considered how to make one world government:

"In the next ten years we will have to rebuild a world civilization. I hope for some psychologists and even philosophers to be among those appointed to administer this problem.... We will sit at a council table and figure how to iron out the troubles on the earth. postwar program can be successful unless at least three and probably five generations of social conditioning goes with it."

Hall foresaw five generations of conditioning, starting in first grade, needed to "create a world capable of mental and emotional tolerance."

Now look what Hall claimed is "erroneous" thinking.

"To make things right we will have to undo much that is cherished error. The problem of revising the Bible shows how difficult it is to do this. For the last hundred years we have been trying to get out an edition of the Bible that is reasonably correct; but nobody wants it. What`s wanted is the good old King James version, every jot and tittle of it, because most people are convinced that God dictated the Bible to King James in English." (Emphasis mine.)

Never mind that he lied about King James Bible-believers. Catch what he said?

Who is "we"? Hall is an occultist! Who was he involved with? And what did "they" do to the Bible, from the 1840s-1940s? The only "Bible" supposedly found in the 1840s was Codex Sinaiticus. Why is an occultist, who disbelieves the Bible, concerned with "fixing" it? If he got rid of the King James Bible, what would go in its place? "Psychology can be the basic science of human tolerance..."

Psychology from grade one and teaching "tolerance" sounds like today!

Hall is right. For a new world order, you`d need people conditioned from childhood, like the Nazis conditioned German kids. (He actually wrote that, too.) And for "tolerance," you need people who will "go with the flow."

But Christians are like big, bright buoys in the water, who, Hall would say, were anchored to the "jot and tittle" of the King James Bible. So Hall hoped to "free" you from the solid anchor of the King James, so you`d "flow with" his New World Order.

In his Students Monthly Letter, Fourth Year, No. 12, Hall elaborated:

"Examine several editions of the Christian Bible.... the polyglots, and get a parallel Greek-English text.... We will discover numerous errors and alternative renderings.... Read the Vulgate, the Septuagint....  You will see the uselessness of picking phrases to pieces and trying to think in terms of 'jots and tittles.`"

It doesn`t matter what they "free" you to. All that matters to them is what they get you from: The King James Bible, God`s holy and preserved words in English.

Either trust God`s holy words, or "free yourself" —to be a slave to the New World Order. For more information, see the short video "Why the NWO Hates the KJV".

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