A Return to Our Christian Roots?

What does that mean? It means a time when kings lived in fear of the pope.

Arab-Israeli Negotiations Fail, but Pope has a 'Solution'

The Camp David negotiations between Israel and the Arabs is over without any progress toward peace.

Be Careful Who You Pray With

In Pope Benedict`s general audience January 23, his theme was the "necessity" of prayer for Christian unity.

Catholic Leaders Petition to Remove Pope Francis

A coalition of high-level Catholic teachers and writers have produced an 18-page document of charges against Pope Francis demanding that he resign the papacy. They are accusing him of criminal behavior and heretical teachings. If he does not resign voluntarily, they are petitioning the College of Cardinals to remove him.

Catholics Told: 'You Can't Understand The Bible'

When you witness to a Roman Catholic, he will probably tell you he is a Christian and that his 'church' is based on the Bible.

Code of Conduct on Conversions Threatens Soul Winning

Frustrated by the loss of members, particularly in Latin America, the Vatican has launched a subtle attack on soul winners.

Do the Pope and Bible Believers Really Have That Much in Common?

Popular "Alpha Course" teaches a lie of ecumenism.

Dr. Rivera's 15-Year-Old Claims Verified by Current Events

In 1985, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera predicted that the Vatican would eventually apologize for its part in the German Holocaust, the inquisition, and the slaughter of Jews and Muslims during the Crusades.

Even Popes Have Trouble Becoming Saints

Why is it so hard to become a Roman Catholic "saint"?

Is It Possible to be a 'Born-Again' Catholic?

Here are a few answers to this question...

Legacy of Pope John Paul II

At the moment, the death of the pope has triggered a global frenzy of praise for John Paul II.

Message of Tiara Proves Rome Has Not Changed

Consider this coronation statement: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

Mother Teresa on Fast Track to Goddesshood

The pope has approved the first of two miracles necessary to make Mother Teresa an official Roman Catholic "saint."

Nuns In 23 Countries Report Sexual Abuse by Priests

The cover story in the March 16, 2001 issue of the National Catholic Reporter described reports of nuns from 23 countries who have been pressured for sexual favors or outright raped by priests and bishops.

Part VIII: Reigning over the Kings of the Earth

Finally, the angel reveals to John that the woman "is that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth" (Revelation 17:18).

Pope Moves to Protect the Catholic 'Jesus' Idol

Vatican officials have issued new guidelines for the performance of the Catholic Mass, centerpiece of the ritual of their liturgy.

Pope visits Shrine of Roman Catholic Goddess

In August of this year, Pope John Paul II made his 104th foreign trip, to the shrine at Lourdes, France.

Pope Wants UN to Become 'Moral Center'

Pope John Paul II has used several public speeches and personal meetings this year to push for more UN control of world problems.

Pope Worried: Calls for More Confessions

In a recent letter to all the Roman priests in the world, Pope John Paul II urged them to stress to their parishioners the need for confession of sin to the priest.

Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe.

Of course, the pope's brand of "Christian" has little to do with biblical Christianity but is much about power over political leaders.

Roman Church Still Claims Supreme Authority Over the World

Someone said that the conflict in Iraq is not a war but only a skirmish in a larger war.

Roman Priest: 'Inferior only to God'

Evangelicals, who lack information about the Roman Catholic system, do not realize the elevated view of the priests. In America and in public, they seem more like regular guys who wear strange uniforms.

Rome's Rule Regarding Sainthood. "Keep it Complicated!"

On June 26, 2001, at a Beatification Mass at the Lviv Hippodrome in Lviv, Ukraine, Pope John Paul II "beatified" two Catholics, promoting them to the status of "blessed," one step from "sainthood."

Sex Scandal Has Catholicism Redesigning Confessional

Roman Catholic leaders are reexamining the confessional box design in light of the recent sex scandals.

Symbol of Papal Power Many Don't Know What It Means

Wherever he goes, the insignia of John Paul II is displayed, emblazoned on the "popemobile," hung from stages and high on posts at outdoor masses.

'United Religions' Idea Floated from Unlikely Source

Former Israeli leader suggests a "UN of religions" headed by the pope (who wants Jerusalem).

Vatican Calls For World Government

With a world-wide financial crisis hanging over our heads, the Vatican is calling for 'global public authority.' Here comes the world church!

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Catholics are given two more advocates to pray to... instead of Jesus.

Winsome Pope: Vicar of Christ or Anti-Christ?

Christianity Today says pope has come 'From Anti-Christ to Brother in Christ' in a Christianity Today article. So, who is right and what changed?