A Quick Comparison of Bible Versions

A small sampling of verse comparisons between the KJV and NIV.

ABS Fixes Broken Leg With a Band-aid

How the American Bible Society tried to fix a serious problem with a “band-aid.” It didn’t work.

Anything but THAT one!

Any bible but the KJV...

Are Modern Bibles Built on a Faulty Foundation?

Is it possible one of the two pillars supporting the modern, billion-dollar Bible industry is a counterfeit?

Bible Translation Leader Says, "I'm In Trouble With The Lord."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, project member of the translation committee for the New American Standard Version (NASB), has denounced his work on that Bible and urged all Christians to return to the Authorized Version, commonly known as the King James Bible.

Bible Versions: People Seem to be Running Out of Questions

Chick's stand for the King James Version as the preserved Words of God created a barrage of outrage as well as legitimate inquiries.

Can someone be saved using a modern Bible?

You can be saved through other versions, but you will never be a threat to the devil by growing.

Can You Trust Your Bible?

When someone says to you, "the Bible is just a bunch of legends put together decades or centuries later," he is not aware of the facts.

Changing God's Words — What's New About That?

The new NIV Bible translation, the TNIV, has finally gotten Bible scholars' attention to God's words.

Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion

"Coming out" as a lesbian, she says she is not really convinced that the Bible speaks against homosexuality because not all Bibles do so clearly.

Conversation in a 'Bible' Bookstore

Is your bible the perfect word of God?

Crossway Publishers Waffle on a "Permanent" Bible

First they said the text was "permanent." Now they are saying they need to change it... again.

Did Hort and Westcott do what they were hired to do? Or was there another agenda?

Video transcript - They were hired to make a mininal revision, but ended up replacing the entire New Testament text.

Did Jesus Give Up Being God?

Modern Bibles remove four important words that clarify an entire doctrine about Jesus being God and man. See for yourself.

Did Jesus lie to His own brothers?

Video transcript - By removing a single word, many Bibles record Jesus as lying to his brothers. How can He then be the perfect sacrifice for sin?

Do You Have an 'Almost' Bible?

Many modern scholars say "Of course I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, in the original autographs!" But they don't believe what you think they believe.

Does God Care About the "Original Autographs?"

It has gotten so weird in the last 150 years that in order to say that you believe in the Bible, you have to say, "I believe in the verbal, plenary, infallible, inerrancy of the original autographs."

Does Your Bible Contain Legends?

Beware of the move to insert ancient legends into the Scriptures.

Does Your Bible Have Doubting Footnotes?

Does it say that Christ`s resurrection and Great Commission were missing from the "originals?" What is left of Christian faith?

Don't Some Great Men Use Other Bible Versions?

Why do some great Christian leaders like to point to "errors" in the King James Bible? From "The Answer Book" by Samuel C. Gipp copright 1989. Reproduced by permission.

Dr. Frank Logsdon, Bible translation leader says, 'I'm in trouble with the Lord."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, who wrote the preface for the New American Standard Version, repudiates his work on the NASB.

Ever Wanted to 'Kill Somebody'?

How often have we wanted revenge and deserved a rebuke from the Lord? So wouldn`t it be helpful to know what Jesus said when He rebuked the disciples for wanting to "kill somebody?"

Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism

And they are found in a commonly used Bible!

Gunpowder and Your KJV Bible

The fascinating history of the "Gunpowder Plot" which was supposed to prevent the production of the English Bible authorized by King James.

How Do You 'Add' to God's Words?

It starts with taking some of God's words "out." Then you add some of man's words "in." See how it can change a basic doctrine.

How to Speed-Test a New Bible Version

David Daniels takes you through a simple test to check if your Bible is missing anything. Warning: the facts may be shocking!

How to Test a New Bible —Before You Buy

What you should know when shopping for a new Bible.

I got saved reading the NIV. How can you say it's no good?

Video transcript - If I got saved reading the NIV, why should I leave it?

Is 'Hell' Missing from Your Bible?

Why do so many modern Bibles remove hell? Does it make the translators "uncomfortable?"

Is the King James Bible All Wrong About Death and Hell?

Are the accusers right that it is translated wrong? Or is this just one more lie Satan has cooked up about the KJV?

Is the Lamsa Bible Trustworthy Like the King James Bible?

The Lamsa Bible is not Christian at all. It is Lamsa's own blend of occultic ideas made to look a lot like the King James Bible.

Is the New International Version Trustworthy?

The ads claim the NIV is the best translation available. But can I really trust this Bible?

Is the Sinaiticus Origen a Lie?


Isn't the Devil behind the Bible Version confusion?

Here is the history. Which side are YOU on?

Isn't the NKJV just as good as the KJV?

Video transcript - The publisher said the NKJV is a "transition Bible" to help you move to a modern version. It is not intended to be a "modern" KJV.

King James Bible a Major Obstacle to the New World Order

A famous occultist reveals how the King James Bible is hindering the New World Order.

Look What's Missing - Even in Revelation

Would you rather your friends read a Bible that God has clearly blessed, or one He has clearly cursed?

Multiple Choice Bible?

Does your Bible study play multiple "choice?"

Must scholars tell you what God really means?

Video transcript - Can we only understand the Bible with the help of scholars? But they can't even agree on what the Bible says!

New Bible Translations: Are They Really Easier To Understand?

Here, excerpted from "The Answer Book" on Bible translations by Dr. Samuel Gipp, is an interesting and thought-provoking approach to this question.

New Bible Version the Most Perverse Yet

A new Bible translation in England is so radical that it would not be worth mentioning if it were not being promoted by high Anglican officials.

New Danish Bible Illustrates Fallacy of Modern Bibles

A new Danish Bible has been attacked for removing the word 'Israel' from many verses. This is a classic example of people posing as translators, who introduce their own interpretation into the scripture.

New NIV Revision to Correct 'Mistakes'

That`s right... 1200 hundred of them.

NIV Gets Sex Change

The new version, called "Today's NIV" or TNIV for short, is supposedly a "gender-accurate" version of the NIV Bible.

NIV Interdenominational Masterpiece - Even For Jehovah's Witnesses

"But does it all really matter," one might ask, "if I can support what I believe with the NIV?"

NIV Subtly Diminishes Character and Ministry of Jesus

"We, today, are living at a time when the attacks upon Jesus Christ find no equal in history..."

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder To Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars

Modern Bibles must change the text to qualify for copyright.

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder to Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars

Gail Riplinger's new book, "Which Bible Is God's Word?" contains answers to common questions concerning modern versions and translations.

Satan's New Plan to fix your Bible

Recent research uncovers hidden details of the plot to publicly discredit the Bible and create basic doubt of God`s words.

Should "Gehenna" Be Translated "Hell"?

Here is why "Gehenna" correctly translated "hell" in the King James Bible.

Should We Emphasize Jesus' Love Rather Than Argue About Bible Versions?

How can we keep Jesus' words if they have been changed? From "The Answer Book" by Samuel C. Gipp - copyright 1989.

Textual History of the Bible

Examines the two streams of Bible text, and how to choose the right one.

The 100-Year War Over the Bible

The 100-year war over which text is really God's Word. From 'Understandable History of the Bible' by Samuel C. Gipp

The Difference Between Translator and Teacher

Do you want a Bible translation that tells you what God 'said,' or one that tells you what the translator believes God 'meant?' Formal equivalence versus dynamic equivalence explained.

What a Difference a Single Word Makes!

Every day, millions of precious people, hungry for God`s forgiveness of their sins, line up to confess their thoughts and failings to a priest.

What Are Gospel Publishers Hiding?

To understand why there are so many new Bible versions, just follow the money.

What Is The "Septuagint"?

The history of the Septuagint shows it to be an attempt to replace the preserved text of the Bible with a corrupt Alexandrian text, including the Apocrypha.

What One Person Can Do

One person's voice, and leaders willing to listen, set this church on a path of soul-winning.

What's Right with KJV-Onlyism?

If God wrote only one Book, what's the problem with trusting and submitting to that one Book?

What's The Standard?

Is the Bible God's absolute yardstick, or just His recommendation?

Where Can We Find the True Words of God?

The Battle Cry Editor recently sat down with David W. Daniels, author of several books on the Bible version issue. Here is the interview...

Which Bible Really Gets Read?

Researches found the KJV still used by the majority of those who actually read their Bibles.

Who Needs Hell?

"Hell" is an uncomfortable word. Everybody knows what it means.

Would You Let Dishonest Scholars Determine Your Faith?

One of the best kept secrets today is that unbelievers with ulterior motives were involved in the “translation” of the modern Bibles. But they have been trusted to change the Bible just because they were called “scholars.”