Opportunistic Vatican On The Move Again

Pope Francis wants the world's political and religious leaders to join together against climate change. A platform to work toward global political and religious unity.

Missionary Says Tracts are a Game Changer

Missionaries are finding Chick gospel tracts to be essential tools for saturating communities with the gospel, often leading to starting of new churches.

Homosexual Militants Eying Our Basic Freedoms

Homosexual activists move one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Abortion's New Level of Evil Opens Witnessing Opportunity

A 2015 video on YouTube reveals a high-level administrator in Planned Parenthood's abortion field admitting that abortion procedures are carefully executed to preserve certain organs in the murdered baby.

Shocked Muslims a New Witnessing Opportunity

The rise of the radical Islamist Jihadist movement, ISIS, has sent shock waves through the Muslim world. Many 'moderate' Muslims are beginning to say to themselves: 'Is this the Islam that I belong to?

Fossilized Mosquito Drilling Holes in Theory of Evolution

To Bible believers, the answer is obvious. But some scientists choose to just scratch their heads, hoping 'science' will eventually come up with an explanation.

Message From Jack Chick September/October 2015

Is "friendship evangelism" producing a crowd of converts? No. But gospel tracts are.

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2015

This tract "scared me to life". Love 'em!

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