Who Needs Hell?

"Hell" is an uncomfortable word. Everybody knows what it means. But new Bible versions, wherever possible, try to remove the word "hell" from the Scriptures and replace it with "sheol" or "gehenna" or "hades" or "Tartarus." In doing so, they rob the Scriptures of the force of the word "hell."

"Hades" has a big pagan meaning that is completely divorced from the Bible. "Sheol" is a Hebrew word without any meaning at all to an ordinary reader. Have you ever heard people say they don't want to "go to gehenna?"

No. But people do say, "I don't want to go to hell." Many people's salvation is based on that ...they didn't want to go to hell. They may not understand the love of God, but they understand clearly that they do not want to go to hell. The revival that happened under the ministry of Jonathan Edwards began with a sermon called "Sinners in the hands of an angry God." His listeners felt themselves slipping out of their seats and their feet getting singed by the fires of hell when he preached, and revival broke out.

We need a Bible with a lot of hell in it. We need to know where we are not going. The whole purpose of evangelism is to save people from hell. We need a Bible that doesn't try to sanitize it with a nicer sounding word that people don't understand. That forceful warning word, "hell," is found in the King James Bible.

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