Is 'Hell' Missing from Your Bible?

By David W. Daniels
Hell is a real place. Millions of unsaved people are pouring into it. And yet fewer and fewer people believe it exists. And far fewer pastors are willing even to preach on it. Why? Maybe because their Bibles are slowly taking away the word!

In my book, Look What`s Missing, we find a startling truth: so-called "scholars" and Bible translators in numerous verses removed the easy-to-understand word "hell" and instead left the untranslated Greek (Hades or Sheol) or Hebrew (Gehenna) word. Who knows what that means? Most people don`t speak Greek or Hebrew. Have you ever heard anyone swear at someone and say: "Go to Gehenna!"

Hell appears 54 times in the King James Version. But it only shows up 17 times (or less) in the following versions: NIV, ASV, CSB, Darby, ESV, ISV, NAS, NAU, NET, NJB, NLT, NRS, RSV, TNIV. (The Contemporary Jewish Bible and Catholic New American Bible have eliminated the word "hell" altogether.)

Not only that, but modern versions removed crucial words and verses about hell. Get out a modern, Alexandrian Bible and compare Mark 9:44-46 to a King James Bible. See what`s missing?

But not every occurrence of a word is removed. As it says in Look What`s Missing: "...Satan is very subtle: he will never take out every word on a topic —only enough to confuse you concerning important doctrines, and to make you doubt what God said."

Doubt is the Devil`s goal. Who would buy a Bible if every verse on the deity of Christ, the Godhood, faith, salvation, heaven and hell were removed? It would obviously be a fake. But many of them are removed. And the more these words are removed, the more people doubt even basic doctrines.

How many well-known preachers have copied Billy Graham* and also disbelieve in a literal hell? Almost all my college and seminary professors disbelieved. And I`m sure you know of more examples.

But English Chick tracts use only the King James Bible. All the verses about hell are in plain sight. The tract, Some Like It Hot, deals with a literal hell. Why? Because we don`t want to be guilty before God, for failing to warn people about hell.

A pastor friend switched back to the KJV, saying, "I want a lot of hell in my Bible." I agree. We pray you will agree, too. The tract, Some Like It Hot and the book, Look What`s Missing, are both available from Chick Publications.

*See Billy Graham and His Friends, pages 377-378, available from Chick Publications.

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