Bible Versions: People Seem to be Running Out of Questions

For two years, the Chick Publications email has been flooded with questions about Bible Versions. Chick's stand for the King James Version as the preserved Words of God created a barrage of outrage as well as legitimate inquiries.

Author David Daniels has been fielding these questions and posting answers on the Chick web site until there are several dozen articles answering most of them. Now, when the emails come in, the writer is directed to the web site and the posted answers.

After two years, the serious inquirers seem to be satisfied because the volume of emails has reduced to a trickle. For anyone who cares to set his preconceived notions aside, there are solid answers to why the modern versions are deficient and proofs that the KJV fulfills the Psalms 12:7 prophecy that God will preserve His Words "forever."

Daniels has provided these answers in book form. Entitled Answers To Your Bible Version Questions, it carries a subtitle that declares: "You Can KNOW The King James Bible is God's Preserved Words in English."

Subjects covered include:

  • Where did the Bible come from?
  • Did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?
  • Is the King James Bible translated correctly?
  • Does the KJV contradict itself?
  • Is the KJV text error free?
  • What's wrong with the other versions?
  • And more...

Public release date for the book has been set for March 1, 2003. Watch for the announcement on the Chick web site and in the next Battle Cry mailing.

David Daniels is the author of The King James Bible Companion.

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