Pope Continues to Discourage Soul Winning

Pope Francis again came out against soul winners in a speech recently. He said anyone who proselytizes is not a disciple of Jesus.

LGBT Activists Shut Down Franklin Graham Venues

Stadium owners in England have begun cancelling events scheduled for The Billy Graham Association's Franklin Graham, because of backlash from the LGBTX crowd.

Some Good News in Our Schools

The Child Evangelism Fellowship has been successful in fighting off attacks by atheists and anti-Christian school officials while also offering Bible-believing curriculum on or near school grounds.

Missions Fund Report: March 2020

See how your donations are helping provide free tracts to missionaries worldwide and are helping reach lost souls worldwide for Jesus.

An Amazing Coincidence —Or Is It?

Why are people so sloppy about the very words of God? The Creator and Sustainer of the universe has lowered Himself to give us His rules and regulations, His principles and promises, His blessings and cursings. They are all there in one holy Book. The King James Bible.

Disney Does It Again

Witchcraft is becoming more common in children's tv shows. This year, Disney Television Animation released a new TV show, “The Owl House”, which features a powerful witch and a disguised understudy. The key word here is “powerful,” since that is what witchcraft offers to vulnerable youngsters.

Be Ye Kind

David Daniels gives us an example of how being kind when answering people's questions about Christianity or the Bible is always best, even if they are not Believers.

A message from David Daniels

David Daniels explains there's a reason why the pope is discouraging soul winning -because soul winning is effective!