The Pope Wants You to Have 73 (or 80) Books in Your Bible

The popes have always had a different Bible. The Reformation broke their stranglehold. But they have continued to scheme by destroying trust in God's words.

Religious Freedom Does Not Guarantee Righteousness

While America has suffered a significant decline in righteousness, a recent study by the Becket religious liberty law firm finds increased support for religious freedom.

The Next Step in the Sexual Revolution

Those who raised a red flag early on in the sexual revolution predicted that pedophilia was in the plans. Now, the attack on our children is relentless.

Evolution is "Incoherent Folktales” Says World-Renowned Scientist

The Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, is a think tank devoted to exposing the pseudo-science of the theory of evolution.

Are We Really Too Dumb to Read the King James?

One third of the nations in the world speak English either as a first or second language. God has decided to put His precious words for us in one language for both the Old and New Testaments. And He did this around 1611. God placed His riches into this language which has become universal.

Missions Fund Report: January 2020

Read some of the latest reports coming in from Belgium, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Philippines.

Notes from All Over

Various topics are discussed in this article from drug and alchohol abuse to gender "detransition".

A message from David Daniels - January 2020

Author David Daniels discusses the effectiveness of gospel tracts and his new book, 'Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read The Kings James Bible'.