Pope ‘Sorrowful’ —But Little Changes

Pope Francis says he 'learned with sorrow' about more than 200,000 children that have been abused by French clergy since 1950, but nothing has changed. It's all about optics.

UN Wants Control of Free Speech

But whose definition of ‘free speech’ will they use? Secretary General Guterres said ‘The war on science must end.’ Does he mean we must not speak against the ‘science’ that gave us evolution, humanism and the war on the Bible?

Mission Fund Report: November 2021

Readers’ gifts to the Chick Mission Fund are spreading Chick tracts (with the Gospel) on a global basis. See reports on Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Philippines, Burma, Ukraine, India and Zambia.

Actress Still Promotes Abortion —After a Broken Heart

Actress Uma Thurman describes her broken heart over the abortion of her baby at age 15, but says it’s okay saved her acting career.

Does Chick Literature work on Catholics?

After she gave her Catholic mother the ‘Alberto Series’ from Chick, her mother was ‘all too ready to get saved.’ They still work!

When Wrong Became Right

In an effort to make homosexuality acceptable, activists have shut down sources of information on the high rates of disease, suicide and depression among this group.

Homosexuals Want to Change the Subject

The subject keeps changing: first that homosexuality was acceptable, then gay marriage, then transgender body mutilation. It didn’t stop there. Now they are changing the Bible!

The New Face of Evangelism

Some are beginning to question ‘relationship evangelism.’ Could it be that it’s time to return to using tracts?

A Message from David Daniels - November 2021

Revival may not be what you think it is. Here’s what it is, and how to get it.

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