"This World Keeps Spinning Faster, Into a New Disaster..."

Many youth feel the world is such a mess, that there is nothing left but despair. But there is hope.

Baby Baphomet Joins Baby Jesus in Illinois State House

The Illinois Satanic Temple prevailed in its effort to place the occultic baby Baphomet alongside baby Jesus in the state capitol Christmas display. It was all in the name of 'harmony.'

Can Christians Play D&D? Author Says No!

As a Christian, would it be appropriate for you to participate in a role-playing game with friends where each of you imagines a scenario involving a variety of sexual activities including fornication, adultery and homosexuality?

Generation Z—a Lost Generation

When God lifts His favor from a nation, all kinds of bad things happen. And it's our young people who are suffering terribly.

Media Executive Accuses TV Producers of Moral Subversion

Producers of television and movies are intentionally shaping the minds of viewers to accept profanity, fornication and homosexuality as "normal" behavior.

Miraculous Deliverance from Transgenderism

Read the true testimony from Ted Halley, a biological male who struggled for years with a desire to dress and act as a woman. After several medical procedures, God finally delivered him from this evil bondage.

New Tract Warns Young People Against Occult

The whole world is going crazy over vampires and other occultic subjects. Jack Chick's newest story will use this interest to present the Gospel.

Satan Now Coming Against Christian Universities

The US Department of Education has levied more than $50 million in fines against the two largest Christian universities in the US.

So, Who is Attacking God's Words?

Since the beginning of the world, God has spoken His words and 'someone' has tried to call Him a liar. Who is that someone and what is he up to today?

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons - It's more that just a game. It is spiritually dangerous. William Schnoebelen explains why.

Teenage Girls Suffering the Most from Despair

Depression and thoughts of suicide among teenage girls shows an alarming increase in the last 10 years

The Blessing (And Curse) Of Knowledge

The increase in human knowledge has created the most prosperous era in the history of man. But history also tells us that prosperity almost inevitably leads to moral decay.

The Resistance to Sin is Rising

The public is finally being allowed to see the alternative to gender-change mutilation, Critical Race Theory and abortion. And many Christians and legislatures are fighting back!

UN Wants Control of Free Speech

But whose definition of ‘free speech’ will they use? Secretary General Guterres said ‘The war on science must end.’ Does he mean we must not speak against the ‘science’ that gave us evolution, humanism and the war on the Bible?

Youngsters Told to 'Construct' Their Own Gender

The next frontier for homosexual activism is to establish the concept of transgender into the culture.