Pope's Path to Heaven: Bribe the Priest or Wear a Juju

This "holy card" shows the Virgin Mary goddess holding "baby Jesus" as they watch angels comforting poor souls suffering in purgatory.

Who Killed Goliath?

In spite of the overwhelming evidence in Scripture of the outcome of David's dramatic defeat of Goliath, The New International Version, 1984 US edition, couldn't get it right.

Tracts Make Halloween a Prime Witnessing Adventure

More than Christmas or Easter, Halloween is being turned into a major national witnessing opportunity by creative soul winners.

FRI Study Finds Homosexual Parenting Dangerous for Kids

Today's secular media has totally swallowed the lie that homosexual parents are just as good for kids as traditional families.

World Government One Step Closer with International Criminal Court

Delegates from more than 150 nations met in Rome in June to pencil a treaty establishing an International Criminal Court (ICC).

Christians in Israel Face Firebombs and Prison for Soulwinning

Christians in Israel, known as Messianic believers, are finding their presence and message just about as welcome today as it was when Jesus first delivered it and was crucified for His efforts.

Can a Christian Be a Mason?

Several years ago this writer witnessed an odd mixture at a funeral of a relative....

The Masonic Lodge and Presbyterianism

The 1984 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland appointed a committee to make a study of the practices and teachings of Freemasonry and its compatibility with Presbyterian standards.

Notes From All Over

From Billy Graham in Canada to missionaries in Hong Kong.