Tracts Make Halloween a Prime Witnessing Adventure

More than Christmas or Easter, Halloween is being turned into a major national witnessing opportunity by creative soul winners.

Every year new members of an unchurched generation come to our doors. What better treat can we give them than God's Word in a gospel tract? For many, their main exposure to spiritual things comes through some cartoon character with the name of an ancient, pagan god. One school bus driver discovered a great way to use Halloween to spread the gospel.

She passed out bags of candy to the students on her bus that contained Chick tracts. After she passed out the bags she recalled, "On the bus route I noticed that they were reading them. A couple times I had discussions with the teenagers about the tracts. This gave me the opportunity to share Bible scriptures, stories and to witness." She also passed out tracts with candy to the children that came to her home trick-or-treating. Other ideas include:

  • A church can set up a table outside on the sidewalk with treats and tracts for neighborhood kids.
  • Watch for community activities where you can take tracts and reach large crowds quickly.
  • Churches or individuals can provide Chick tracts to other believers to handout Halloween night to trick or treaters.

Here are some comments from individual Christians who are catching the vision to reach children in the neighborhood on Halloween that would otherwise not be available.

"A trick-or-treater (about 12 years old) got his candy and the tract I dropped into his bag. He came back later and asked if we had any more tracts, his Dad wanted to read them."

"The new Halloween tract opened a door for me to witness to a young lady...Keep up the great work."

"I placed 100 The Present beside my Halloween candy, just before the first child arrived. I decided, 'No, better not' ...when a burst of faith entered my heart... not to fear the consequences. The kids loved them. It was a thrill. Chick tracts really do get read."

Be creative. Halloween is one night of the year that you will find people home just waiting to answer the door! Some churches reverse the process and have the kids give tracts to the homeowner in exchange for the candy.

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