KJV: 400 Years of God's Power in English

For over 300 years, it was not only the standard for God's word in English, but it also standardized the English language.

Prime Opportunity to Help Jehovah's Witnesses

Failed prophecies is one way to shatter Jehovah's Witnesses' confidence in the Watchtower.

Many U.S. Mosques Teach Violence Against Non-Muslims

A spiritual attack calls for a spiritual defense. It's time to wake up the church.

Sodomite War Stories

The pathway to 'lawful perversion' widens with the recent 'civil union' laws.

Ancient Chick Tract Still Doing Its Job

A Chick distributor in Brazil shares the story of a tract that keeps on ticking.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2011

Why are disgusting speech and violence filling America? Because we have stopped widely circulating Gospel literature! There is still hope.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2011

Indian reads "The Traitor" (for Hindus) and comes to Christ.

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