Catholic 'Evangelist' Carried the Wrong Gospel

Doesn't the message matter?

Catholic Leaders Pushing Perpetual Adoration of Wafer Idol

"Why would anyone get up in the middle of the night and spend an hour in a church or chapel before a 'piece of bread'?" asked L. Owen Traynor, founder of the Association of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.

Ex-Priest Describes Struggle to Believe the Wafer is Really the Flesh and Blood of Jesus

Discover Charles Chiniquy's story as a faithful priest of Rome.

Four Little Words

We all have heard of the inquisition and how so many were burned at the stake. But what was the issue which was used to decide whether someone lived or died?

If It's Not Gluten, It's Not Jesus

Ritual religions such as Roman Catholicism often create bizarre situations not encountered by Bible believers.

If It's Not Really Jesus, It May Be A Health Hazard

British medical researchers explain why.

Irish President Takes Protestant Communion Stirs Rome's Ire

When the newly-elected President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, dared to receive communion at a non-Catholic church recently, she proved again just how central the Eucharist is to the power and identity of Roman Catholicism.

Is Roman Catholic ‘Evangelism’ Biblical?

A Catholic Bishop has proposed parading the Eucharist (wafer) as a way to get more people interested in converting to Catholicism. Does that sound anything like the 'Great Commission' that Jesus commanded?

Jesus Wafer Auctioned On Ebay; Priests Horrified

One seller, in Britain, received bids in the millions of pounds before the listing was removed.

Pope Declares 'Year of the Eucharist' — Grants Indulgences

Pope John Paul II has declared a formal "Year of the Eucharist" from October 2004 to October 2005.

Pope Insists that the Wafer Really is Jesus

Pope John Paul II used the Thursday before Easter to remind the world that the doctrine of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist is not negotiable.

Pope Moves to Protect the Catholic 'Jesus' Idol

Vatican officials have issued new guidelines for the performance of the Catholic Mass, centerpiece of the ritual of their liturgy.

Pope Promotes 24-hour Worship of Wafer God

In his Redemptor Hominis encyclical (special letter to all the church) he urges the church leaders to make adoration of the wafer the center of church life.

Popery Moving to Fill Spiritual Vacuum in Unified Europe.

Of course, the pope's brand of "Christian" has little to do with biblical Christianity but is much about power over political leaders.

Priest Rebuked for Giving Eucharist to Clinton, a non-Catholic

As the ecumenical push continues trying to join all the "denominations" into one big happy family, warning signs keep surfacing.

Soaked Eucharist Grows 'Heart Tissue'

This current example of Catholic superstition and idolatry perfectly illustrates the pagan nature of the Roman Catholic Institution.

The 'Twin Towers' of the Vatican

The two central teachings in which the Roman Catholic Church finds "safety" and keeps its grip on millions.

Wafer Worship 'Sweeping the Country'

According to the June 16, 1999 issue of the Roman Catholic weekly Our Sunday Visitor, "Eucharistic Adoration" —“prayer and meditation before the "Blessed Sacrament"— is sweeping the country."