Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2004

The Christian brothers take the tracts out on the yard and back to their housing units and share them (the tracts) with the men who never come to the chapel. Your small booklet tracts are excellent for reaching the lost, as men who will not read any literature concerning Jesus Christ, will read them. Each of them are built on the Word of God with the plan of salvation in the back and the Lord is using them to bring men to Himself.
B.S., San Luis Obispo, CA

I am going to be released soon and will be deported to Mexico. I am thrilled because I know that the Lord is going to use me there in a powerful way. I have already led my mother and some (tough) Catholic family members to the Lord Jesus. Thank you for your tracts.

These gangs in here are owned by Satan. They are a hard bunch of men, but I have won 29 to the Lord so far this year. I'm praying for more. Most of us here are murderers and very mean and hardened. Being an ex-mob leader helps me get some doors open. I have plenty of time to work for Jesus my Lord. When I leave for prison I will be there for life!
J., County Jail, Chicago, IL

I've been a gangster all my life. Forty years... a drug dealer, arms dealer, pistol packing fool. I was affiliated with the NLR (Nazi Low Riders). I met Jesus Christ one-on-one in my cell and now have set my sights on the Lord. I'm requesting anything from Chick Publications in order to grow in the Lord.
J.G., Corcoran, CA

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