Soul Winners Use Their Imagination on Halloween

Last year several families sent exciting reports to Chick Publications about their experiences using Chick tracts at Halloween.

Singapore Invokes Religious Harmony Act Against Christians

Singapore police recently summoned some local religious leaders and warned them that they were in violation of the Religious Harmony Act.

Professor Gets Threats for Study Showing Homosexuals Can Change

A Columbia professor of psychiatry has released a study showing that "contrary to conventional wisdom some (homosexuals) ... can and do change (sexual orientation).

Attorney Sees Hostility to Christianity Growing in the Workplace

Religious discrimination in the workplace is one of the 'hottest' religious liberty issues coming into our CLA offices this year," writes Attorney David Gibbs, Jr.

Chick Tract Worked-700 Miles Later

Late one evening Pastor and Veteran Missionary David Seeley and four other men climbed aboard a motor home in Medford, Oregon and began driving to a Christian conference near Los Angeles, California.

Chick Mail Bag - September 2001

He left a tract with his name on the back in a restaurant in New Mexico, then got a letter from a boy in Alabama saying he got saved. Chick tracts get around.

Muslim Countries Becoming Bolder in Persecuting Christians

Islam's hostility to Christians is beginning to get some attention from the media.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2001

"How could my whole life be a lie?"

Rome's Rule Regarding Sainthood. "Keep it Complicated!"

On June 26, 2001, at a Beatification Mass at the Lviv Hippodrome in Lviv, Ukraine, Pope John Paul II "beatified" two Catholics, promoting them to the status of "blessed," one step from "sainthood."

Tract Passing Tips - September 2001

Doctor's offices, stores, bus passengers, airport seats

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