APA Sees No Great Harm in Adult-child Sex

The first step has been taken in the public acceptance of pedophilia.

Do you have to believe before you are baptized?

Some say, "No, let's quickly baptize babies into the church. No need for faith before baptism."

Religious Freedoms Under Attack

"As America moves into the next century, the battle for continued religious liberty for Bible-believing Christians is at a watershed moment," writes Attorney David C. Gibbs, Jr.

Missionary Reports 14,000 Responses a Year to Tract Blitz

When Martin arrived in Mexico in 1961, he prayed for God to show him what tool would be most effective.

Why Many Missions to Muslims Fail

One is that they try to convert the Muslim by showing him that Christ is in the Koran.

Pope Worries About Growth of 'Bible Christians'

Pope John Paul II's most recent encyclical letter again stresses a fundamental difference between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity.

Vacationers Get 3-Day 'Jail Ministry' While Witnessing to Indonesian Muslims

Most of us use our vacation to "get away from it all" and unwind.

Part IV: Rome Equals Vatican

Some may object that it is Rome, and not that small part of it known as Vatican City, which is built on seven hills, and that the Vatican can hardly be called a "great city."

Wicca: Seduction of the Innocents

There are many doors to Satan's kingdom. Almost none are accurately labeled: "This way to death and destruction."

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