Is the NIV preparing the way for 'Another Jesus?'

Every false religion cooked up by Satan downgrades Jesus one way or another. So, what do the new Bible versions (including the Jehovah's Witness Bible) do with Jesus?

Priest Rebuked for Giving Eucharist to Clinton, a non-Catholic

As the ecumenical push continues trying to join all the "denominations" into one big happy family, warning signs keep surfacing.

Why Aren't These Churches Growing?

Is your church doing what it takes to grow?

Small New York Church Targets Every Home on Staten Island

It doesn't take a big church to have a big vision. First Bible Church of Staten Island New York is proof.

Witnessing Teams Target the "Biggest Party in the World'

Big events, attended by thousands are great opportunities to get a gospel message to a lot of people in a hurry.

Catholic Priestcraft Rooted in Babylonian Idolatry

One of the striking characteristics of Roman Catholicism is that it contains a complete sacerdotal (priest based) system not supported by Scripture.

Britain Set to Legalize Sodomy With 16-Year-Old Children

There appears to be little opposition in the British Parliament to lowering the homosexual age of consent to 16. Only 3 years ago it was reduced from 21 to 18.

Tara Lapinski's Other Medal

World champion figure skater Tara Lapinski shows her Olympic gold medal while wearing a second medal honoring St. Terese.

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