'Humble' New Pope Making Firm Push for One-World Religion

With his push for 'unity', pope Francis is laying the groundwork for a one-world religion.

Bitterness Finally Solved - at Age 85

Abused and scarred for life, she discovered the treasure of the gospel she hadn't found in her Roman Catholic church.

'Unity' - Lubricated by Emotion

One of the criticisms of the Charismatic Movement is that they have abandoned truth for emotion. Looking back over their 50 years of history, there is no doubt that emotion has clouded their vision and the pope is continuing to capitalize on this.

Doubt the Bible? Check Out God's Promise to Israel

There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for 'peace.'

No Place for 'Fundamentalists' in Pope's 'Brave New World'

Who are these 'Fundamentalists' and why is there no tolerance for them by the pope.

Missionaries Use Saturation Blitzes to 'Seed' a City

How do you reach a city of 2 million+ with the gospel? After several years of groundwork in Juarez, Mexico, Missionary Tim Urling is on a roll.

One World Bible for One World Religion

Jesuits have been influencing Bible societies and Bible translation projects, succeeding in shifting the Bible text to accommodate Roman Catholic dogma and the push for 'unity'.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2014

Jesus brought Good News to a world ruled by corrupt and evil governments. That has not changed. But Jesus, not politics, is the answer.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2014

My kids look forward to the new ones.

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