'I Hate'em; But I Can't Stop Reading'

"Do Chick tracts work?" At one time or another, every tract passer has asked this question, maybe only to himself.

New Bible Says Jesus Is...Who?

What if you could buy a Bible with your own church`s doctrines written between its pages? The helps in study Bibles often contain a doctrinal slant.

Soul-Winning Video Now in 18 Languages

Some of those include Tamil, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Russian, and Romanian.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2008

"Bewitched" led me to Jesus, and now I'm a pastor.

Mormonism Trying to Look More Christian

Since Joseph Smith founded Mormonism, many changes have been made to make it look more Christian.

Muslim Leaders Challenge Christians to Work for 'Peace'

The "Clash of Civilizations" continues with much jockeying between the militancy of Islam and Western-World tolerance.

Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2008

They "go like hotcakes" and 180 have accepted the Lord.

Tract Passing Tips - Jan-2008

jury duty, repair estimates

JW Boy Dies, Refusing Transfusion

A 14-year-old boy, Dennis Lindberg, in Seattle, Washington recently petitioned a judge to allow him to die rather than accept a blood transfusion.

Pope Worried - Losing Millions of Members

Catholic leaders in Latin America and Africa are becoming increasingly concerned with the loss of their members to the exploding evangelical churches.

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