240,000 Gospel 'Seeds' Planted in Zimbabwe: Harvest Ripe

Chick tracts and gospel film help lead thousands to Christ in Zimbabwe.

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

Are We Losing the Next Generation?

When we are drawn to the things of this world we lose our focus as to why we are really here.

Australian Church Greets Pope's Pilgrims With True Gospel

Pastor Kevin Harris of Illawarra Independent Baptist Church in Wollongong, Australia could not pass up the opportunity when the pope came to Sydney.

Belief in Hell Good for the Economy

Those who believe in punishment in an afterlife tend to have the highest standard of living.

But Was It a Waste of Time?

Do you ever wonder if your witnessing is having ANY effect?

Catholic Hispanics Finding 'Something Better' in the Gospel

Nearly 20 percent of Hispanics nationwide have converted to evangelical Christianity in the last 10 years.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2003

These people kept the tracts and re-read them until the pages were worn and torn.

Chick Movie Ministering in Carpathia

The Ukrainian version is being used by a missionary organization, Euro Team Outreach (ETO), focusing on isolated villages in the Carpathian mountains.

Chick Movie Works at Home, Too

Besides working on the mission field, the Light of the World movie keeps generating testimonies at home.

Chick tracts help people learn English

How missionaries use Chick tracts to extend their reach.

'Christianity Changes People's Hearts' Says Avowed Atheist

"In Africa, Christianity changes people's hearts." To believers, this is not a surprising statement, but coming from an avowed atheist, it is a rare admission.

Code of Conduct on Conversions Threatens Soul Winning

Frustrated by the loss of members, particularly in Latin America, the Vatican has launched a subtle attack on soul winners.

Don't Forget the Children

If Jesus had children coming to His door one night a year, what would He do?

Doubt in the Bible Behind Cultural Decay

The very doctrines being systematically removed from modern Bibles are the same ones progressives are abandoning.

Event Evangelism Reaches Many People in a Short Time

If we plant the seed, God will give the increase!

Few Believe that Jesus is the Only Way

57 percent of "evangelical" church members believe that many religions can lead to heaven.

From Hideous Temples to Jungle Villages: Tracts Work for Thailand Missionaries

Follow Pat and Windy Caspary through the jungles of Thailand.

Getting Ready to Leave?

Some soul winners have been blessed with more than they need and want their surplus to continue winning souls, even after they are called home.

Government Solution to Sin: Tax It Away

We are now paying for the last 50 years of feel-good religion. Taxing sinful, destructive behavior won`t make it go away.

How Did We Get Here?

Two sinister forces have been working for years to crush the true church. These new DVDs show who they are, and how they are doing it.

How Not to Waste a Phone Call

God gives us opportunities. Who knows what victories the Lord may have in store for you?

'I Hate'em; But I Can't Stop Reading'

"Do Chick tracts work?" At one time or another, every tract passer has asked this question, maybe only to himself.

Interview with Jack Chick How Chick Ministry Began

In this interview with George Collins, Editor of BATTLE CRY, Jack Chick shares how his ministry began.

JW Boy Dies, Refusing Transfusion

A 14-year-old boy, Dennis Lindberg, in Seattle, Washington recently petitioned a judge to allow him to die rather than accept a blood transfusion.

'Light of the World' Video a True Soul Winner

One pastor who works with prison chaplains wrote: "It is riveting and powerful in its no-punches-pulled approach to the full gospel story..."

Like Eating an Elephant!

Outreach Missionary Bill Eubanks reports from Zimbabwe... Chick tracts are helping the local pastors reach thousands of students with the gospel.

Missionary Uses Tracts and Tent Meetings in Ukranian Villages

Taking a page out of America's past, Missionary Ken West is having great success with "Evangelistic Tent Meetings" in the small, remote villages of the Ukraine.

Muslims Pay a High Price for Accepting Christ

When we win a Muslim to Christ, we need to know what a serious step he is taking.

New Gospel Video Already a Soul Winner

The new 80-minute gospel video, The Light of the World, is now available on VHS and DVD format.

New Ministry Will Help You Get Tracts To Missionaries

Doctor heads new ministry to supply missionaries with Chick tracts.

New Soul-Winning Film Nearly Ready

Jack Chick is nearing completion on a massive project that has consumed much of his life for the last several years.

No Letter From Hell

Chick customers are highly innovative when it comes to witnessing. Here is one example...

No-Compromise Gospel Film Now in More Languages

Now in More Languages Some of those including Romanian, Lao, Afrikaans, Hmong, and Hindi.

One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven

Mark Cahill sees only two kinds of people on earth: those who are saved and those who are lost.

Over 55,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

Believers in India, Indonesia and Pakistan are at the greatest risk.

R.A. Torrey Admits He Was Wrong About Gospel Tracts

Famous author and Christian educator, R. A. Torrey, admits that he did not, at first, see the value of Gospel tracts.

Russian Protestants Again Under Fire

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, western missionaries have had almost an open door to evangelize in Russia.

Shadow of Persecution Advancing Toward U.S. Christians

High profile news of persecution of Christians in Muslim countries may be masking a more subtle threat to the spread of the gospel in the free world.

Sikh Mission Field —Down My Street

"I got to be a missionary for a day when 25,000 Sikhs held a parade in my town."

Soul Winners: Double Your Fun This Halloween

Great ideas you can use to witness to the kids coming to your door at Halloween.

Soul-Winning Video in More New Languages

The Chick Publications soul winning video, Light of the World, continues expanding into more languages.

Soul-Winning Video Now in 18 Languages

Some of those include Tamil, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Russian, and Romanian.

Tamil Light of the World Broadcast in India

Originally produced in English and Spanish, it helps people to truly understand the gospel in over 20 languages. Have you shown it at your church?

Thousands of Tracts Taken From Merchant Displays

Dale Detro is excited about a new tract ministry his church has started...

Tract Fellowship Expanding to Include Gospel Video

Contributors from 40 states have enabled them to help missionaries in over 40 countries.

Tract Fellowship Sending More Tracts to Missionaries

The Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to expand its tracts-for-missionaries program.

Tract Passing Tips

Witnessing ideas from our customers

Tract Passing Tips

Witnessing ideas from our customers.

Tract Passing Tips

Witnessing ideas from our customers.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips - March 2002

Vacation, mass transit,

Truck Stops: a Mission Field Nearby

Hal Larson's ministry at truck stops has seen over 400 people come to salvation in Jesus Christ.

UN Homosexual Group Calls For 'Showdown With Religion'

Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, vowed that the pope's "call to arms" against homosexual marriage would be successfully combated.

Witnessing Tips from a Veteran

Are you afraid to approach a stranger and hand them a tract? Soul winner Tim Berends has spent years developing techniques that get people to accept them.

Women on Welfare Required to Work in Brothels.

"Germany is forcing poor women to work in the sex business or lose their benefits..."