Are You A Hater?

Everything is stacked against Christians in this world, but that does not cancel the Great Commission.

Are You an Extremist?

Jihadists = extremists = fundamentalists = Bible believers? An effort is underway to brand Bible believers are dangerous to society.

Cities Keep Testing Limits of Freedom of Religion

Government officials attempt to circumvent a very basic U.S. Constitutional right.

Countering Hate - and Offering Salvation

Originally written to Christians to encourage them to win souls, 'Who's the Real Hater?' has been expanded to make it a soul-winning Chick tract.

Even Military Becoming Hostile to Christians

Military leaders are increasing their war on Christianity. They say, "Don't bring that here."

Hate Speech Laws Threaten Freedom to Witness

You can't have freedom of religion without freedom of speech.

Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?

When our government leaders use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion" are they taking us one step closer to stripping us of our right to evangelize?

Millennials Poised For Deception

Society is being shaped to accept a one-world government. And the millennials will sign on.

Parents Beware

Satan's struggle to capture the next generation continues in our government schools.

Persecution Rising Worldwide

America and the Western World is not yet willing to admit that this is a religious war for the minds of millions.

Post-Christian Europe Attempting To Shut Down Free Speech

European governments are trying to silence Christians who dare preach "unapproved" biblical doctrines. And they want the U.S. to do the same here.

Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot at Manhood

The American Psychological Associations has come out with new guidelines on counseling men. But godless psychologists ignore the spiritual aspect of man's make up.

Recent Court Cases Approve Public Witnessing

It's easier to keep our rights to witness on the streets if we use wisdom in how we do it.

Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested

Many countries still claim to allow freedom of speech, but government officials are increasingly siding with those who are 'offended' instead of protecting the freedom to preach the gospel.

Somewhere, Every Three Hours a Christian Dies for His Faith

While Christians abroad often face torture or death, American Christians are comfortable and apathetic. But the "freedom FROM religion" movement in the U.S. promises changes ahead.

Two Soul Winners Charged in Singapore

Voice Of The Martyrs reports that a couple of soul winners have run afoul of the "harmony" laws in Singapore.

Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?

Now that homosexual marriage is gaining acceptance in America, another perversion is coming out of the closet, demanding equal rights.