ONE BILLION Chick Tracts

It all started with one…

Jack Chick was one person.

In 1961 he wrote one tract. And he got it printed and handed out his first Chick tract —a tiny beginning.

In 1968 there were two: Jack Chick and George Collins. George was a man of many ideas, who had the practical know-how to put them into action.

By 1969, Jack's printer asked Jack if he could reformat the tracts to a smaller size and use only 24 pages. If so, they could cut the cost and make tracts that would easily fit in a shirt pocket.

Could Jack shrink his tracts to that size?

He could, and he did! And from that date, the familiar-sized Chick tracts started rolling off the presses. They were so small and inexpensive. Demand exploded —and the testimonies began rolling in!

Move forward 60 years.

In 2021, many small businesses failed during the COVID pandemic. But God preserved Chick Publications. By His grace, Christians like you saw the opportunity to get the gospel around the world, and they started giving in a large way to worldwide missions through our Chick Mission Fund, as well as buying tracts to hand out themselves.

And a miracle happened: sometime during 2021, we sold our billionth tract!

That’s about one Chick tract for every 8 people on earth. Praise God! But it is only the beginning. More people are born each day, and we still find people who have never read a Chick gospel tract or heard the gospel.

We have a huge opportunity: starting right now our generation can reach another billion or more people with gospel tracts. And Chick tracts are formulated both to present salvation by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, as well as help us start a conversation with the lost.

Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matthew 24:14).

Want to help finish the job that the early church started? The world is full of people who need us to reach them with the gospel!

It started with one.
Now it continues with ONE BILLION -and counting!

Read about the history of Chick Publications and Jack Chick:

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Where Do Gospel Tracts Fit into the Great Commission?

Mark’s gospel says “go… and preach.” (Mark 16:15)

Luke says, “that repentance and remission of sins (the gospel) should be preached…” (Luke 24:47)

Today, we think primarily of preaching occurring inside the church. But it was not so with the early church in the Book of Acts. It says that the believers, “...went every where preaching the word.” (Acts 8:4)

Jesus set the first example. He did spend time teaching in the synagogues and the temple but most of His preaching was in very public, open-air meetings.

And what is the essence of preaching?

It is simply putting the gospel — that wonderfully good news — in front of as many people as possible. That is our prime responsibility. We are not responsible for what people do with it . . . just to preach!

After someone is converted, then the second part of the Great Commission can be done: “teaching them” to “make disciples.”

Few believers are anointed with eloquence to stand and address a congregation. But all believers are commissioned to get the gospel in front of as many people as possible.

Most great preachers in history recognized the limitations of congregational preaching and they championed the creation and wide distribution of gospel tracts. If we want revival, men must become aware how much God hates their sin.

Jack Chick understood that men needed to be aware of God's judgment for their sin. So, he wrote no-nonsense gospel tracts with a biblical balance of God's love and coming judgment.

The ONE BILLION tracts Chick Publications has been able to ship and the many testimonies we’ve received testify that “preaching” is not limited to the spoken word. God's words on the printed page are also powerfully effective in putting the good news in front of more people in this lost world.

Soul winners, are we guiltless if we ignore this simple, inexpensive “preaching” opportunity that even a child can do?


"A friend of mine was saved with the help of your tracts. I would give him a tract almost once a week and he would always be eager to take them. He finally came out to church and was saved there. Praise the Lord!"



"When I was a waitress, a man and his wife would leave a tract for me with a tip. Eventually, they asked me to join them on a Sunday for church and the rest is history. Praise the Lord, these people cared for my soul...a complete stranger."



"My dad gave me several Chick tracts to read when I was 17 years old. The images of heaven and hell that I read in Chick tracts stuck with me and are the reason I came to the Lord a short time later."


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Chick Mission Fund – 45 Million Tracts Sent to Missionaries Worldwide

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to help many missionaries worldwide by providing free tracts for their ministries. Readers of all nations have one thing in common: they love Chick cartoon tracts!

Chick tracts help missionaries reach far more people than any other method because the tracts are easy to hand out and nearly everyone is glad to receive one. This helps missionaries maximize their available time for evangelism and they tell us how thankful they are and how much the tracts are helping reach lost souls!

Read our latest reports below and see pictures:


Mission Fund Update: March 2023

Thanks to your help, 1.3 million tracts have been sent to the Philippines and over 2 million are committed to 8 other countries. Read about what the Lord is doing in these countries.

Mission Fund Update: January 2023

In spite of the general increase of prices worldwide, Christians continue to support the Chick Mission Fund and Chick tracts are going worldwide! Read the latest news from the mission field.

Mission Fund Update: November 2022

Reports from Ireland, Greenland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Mexico and Israel show what Chick supporters are doing through the Mission Fund.

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