Give It to Them Anyway

By David W. Daniels

I have 3 short stories I’d like to share with you about what can happen when we witness to someone. When you go handing out Chick tracts, don't try to figure out whether the recipient is saved or unsaved or backslidden. Give them the tract anyway.

The first one is about Jack Chick.

After WWII, Jack got gloriously saved, and as you know he has served the Lord all his life since.

One day Jack encountered one of his high school friends and said, "You're a Christian? Why didn't you witness to me years ago?" And the guy said, "Well, with your dirty mouth and such, we thought you were the last guy on earth who'd become a Christian."

Now let's not knock the guy. His life was an inspiration for the character in the tract, “Holy Joe”. During the war he did an amazing amount of things to stand up for Jesus Christ and be a witness. But in Jack's case, he didn't talk to him.

Read 'Holy Joe'

The second story is about a man named Tom Morse.

The year is 1969 and Jack is going along and sees a man who's lettering something for a merit badge for his son in the scouts. And he sees the words "Mormon Trail." Jack thought, "Oh, no, he's a Mormon? I've had such difficulty witnessing to Mormons. Maybe I shouldn't talk to him." But if you know Jack, he gave one to him, anyway.

Soon after, Tom and later his wife got saved. He continually helped Jack and eventually became an employee of Chick Publications. Tom helped Jack format tracts and signs and make all sorts of stuff in the decades of working at Chick Publications, helping win many souls.

What would have happened if Jack had not witnessed to that man?

The third example is me.

As you know, on June 7, 1972 I prayed the prayer at the back of the Chick tract, and I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour. But I wandered for years after that.

In high school one friend saw me and gave me tracts despite the fact that, as he said 20 years later, he thought, of all the people I've known in my life, the one that won't get saved is David Daniels!

You never know who you're handing a tract to and how God might use it to lead a person to salvation. For the last 32 years I've been able to faithfully serve my Father in heaven. You don't know who you're giving a tract to but give it to them anyway because you never know what God's going to do for that person.

One last point. Many of you who have written us letters telling us, "Thank you to whoever gave me that Chick tract, because it brought me back on the right track and now I'm following the Lord again."

It speaks for itself. Always be ready with a Chick tract to hand to somebody no matter what you think they believe, or what you think they will do in reaction, or how scary they may look!

If you've handed out tracts, you've probably received an icy stare from some people. The interesting thing we've discovered is that many times, the scariest individuals are usually the ones who are most receptive to the Gospel message!

Do your best. Seek the Lord for boldness and give it to them anyway.

You never know what God is gonna do!

Read 'Who Me?'
Read 'Who Me?'

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