World Cup Soccer Outreach Planned

Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship is gearing up to fund tracts for witnessing teams at the World Cup Soccer matches in Europe this summer. The games will be held in stadiums in Germany during June and July of this year. Team leaders in Europe have asked AGTF to supply 200,000 tracts in eleven languages. Your help is needed.

The events draw huge crowds. Slightly over 3 million tickets have been allocated according to the available stadium seating. Already, over 15 million requests for tickets have been received.

Well-known Evangelist Nico Verhoef is heading up the outreach. He is assembling teams from many of the churches where the games will be held. The teams will handle tract distribution as well as directing converts to the local churches.

Verhoef conducts evangelistic crusades in both Holland and Germany. He also holds seminars explaining the difference between bibles that contain God preserved words and those based on counterfeit texts.

Verhoef is raising funds in Europe to match funds supplied by AGTF. Together, they are hoping to place hundreds of thousands of tracts in the hands of the teams. Given the millions of fans who will be attending the venues and the full month of the games, they expect to be able to distribute as many as they can get.

If the Lord burdens your heart to help with this rare opportunity to reach people from all over the western world, please contact Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship at PO Box 2016, Evans GA 30809. Gifts are tax deductible and will need to be in well ahead of time to allow for printing, shipping and distribution to the teams.

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