Will Mutations Rescue General Motors?

by Tom Heinze

Mutations, random accidental changes which are passed on to the offspring by heredity, are claimed by evolutionists to be the reason for the many kinds of living things in the world around us. If they are right, here is a great new way for General Motors to get out of its financial bind: Instead of designing new cars, let accidents caused by collisions determine the shape of the new GM models.

One year they could run one off a cliff and build all of that year`s models like that one. Another year they could flip one over the median into the face of oncoming traffic. Each would be changed by an "accidental mutation" that would redesign the car. What a glorious discovery for the directors of General Motors! Or not! In fact, most of you are thinking, "That`s stupid!" and are about to quit reading this idiotic article.

I don`t blame you. That is exactly what we should do with articles that claim that random mutations were responsible for developing the living things around us. Evolutionists claim that hummingbirds were not designed, but developed from normal birds which in turn, had mutated from a small animal that glided down from the tree tops. Even many evolutionists are not able to swallow these claims. Some say, "It happened that way because God directed the mutations." The orthodox evolutionist position, however, is that living things have resulted from completely unguided random mutations.

In spite of the apparent authority of the schools and textbooks that promote this position, the heads of most people are screwed on too well to believe it. When they see a bicycle, they know that the reason it looks designed is because it was. In fact, reasonable people know that everything parked at the side of their street looks designed because it was designed.

Then, when they see a bat at twilight nailing mosquitoes at break-neck speeds with pinpoint accuracy, most will think the bat was designed, too. Even the fossil record supports the same idea. The earliest bat fossils look like bats, not like mice that are beginning to mutate.

The more we know of evolution theory, the more ridiculous it appears. Evolution`s "proofs" are rapidly being discredited as science advances our knowledge of creation.  The paperback, The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution, and "minibook", In the Beginning —Soup? are  packed with helps when witnessing to someone deceived by this lie. Both are available from Chick Publications.