Tracts Plus Web Site Equals More Ways to Witness

Issue Date: January/February 2007

Chick Publications has another dimension that some are discovering.  When a tract sparks an interest in the gospel, some soul winners are taking the person to the web site for further information. Consider this testimony:

I took her to the web-site and showed her the tract Are Roman Catholics Christians? To make a long story short, I lead her in the Prayer for Salvation this morning!! She gave her heart to JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! 44 years of pagan Catholic teaching has been removed and this woman is living for JESUS now!!!! We had a little gathering in her yard and broke all of the rosaries, statues and little prayer cards to Mary that she had and she is already witnessing to other Catholics...all in 10 hours.   —S. T., Email

We have hundreds of testimonies of people using the web site to enrich their witness.  In many cases, they would stumble onto the site while searching for something else. 

I became a born again Christian over 18 years ago and it was through Chick Publications that my faith and walk soared. I moved to upstate New York where no one sells your products.  It was only recently my brother and I found your web site and literally cried when we found we could order all the comics that gave us so much to learn so that now our children can be blessed. Thank you for heeding to your call. God bless you so very much.               —A. D., Email, New York

Others find more ways to combine the web site with their tract ministry.  Notice the international reach of the soulwinner in this example:

Hi I`m Josh. I`m 14 and I live in Maryland. About a month ago I started a little club of me and some other guys to go soul winning on the internet and your site has been very, very helpful with that. Just this week I`ve been able to show 8 people salvation. Your on-line tracts and your on-line Meet Jesus page are very helpful with this and I seriously appreciate this and my church has been growing in Christ thanks to Chick tracts.  I even talked to a Hindu; I luckily found The Traitor which helped him.   —Josh, Email

Here is another one from the other side of the world:

I think your web-site is great. I live in Australia. I really appreciate being able to pre-read the tracts prior to ordering (and re-read some of the ones I read as a teenager 25 years ago).               —A. M., Email

Here, the web site combined with the tracts helped this person see how late and urgent it is that we get the gospel out while there is time:

Your tracts, Battle Cry and online reading sections are outstanding! I have found out so much information and have seen such a great testimony to the truth and preservation of God`s Word (and words). I also am encouraged by the articles that give witnessing and evangelization tips, and I`m concerned by the articles I`ve seen about the changing of the spiritual landscape of our day. As we move forward, each day brings us a step closer to the return of Christ for His people (Blessed Hope, or Rapture). Just as your tract "The Last Generation" shows that the environment will be hostile, or downright deadly, to those who put their trust in the Jesus of the Bible, the Son of God.                       S. J., Email

This person discovered another way to witness through the web site:

I have been using Chick tracts for years! What a great opportunity to email a tract like Why is Mary Crying to someone. Thank you for your innovativeness.                        —D. A .Email

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