Tract Passing Tips - November 2000

Editors note: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to companies in their return postage paid envelopes, that you affix a stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive a tract, it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That's the wrong result.

We go carolling at bars and taverns during the holiday season. We ask permission and then sing the first verse of two familiar carols and end with "We wish you a merry Christmas." Then we pass out Chick tracts as we leave the business. We use Humbug and This Was Your Life. We have been doing this for three years and have been welcomed in so far each year.
D.S., Ft. Wayne, IN

When approaching a group of teens, hand them tracts and say, "Here, read this, but don't let the cops catch you." They are sure to read them.
R.C., Ontario, CA

I don't generally give Chick comics away. I LOAN them. Many, if not most of the time I don't get them back. Loaning them, especially on a military post, hospital or place of employment serves many purposes.

  1. Loaning is not soliciting
  2. I can ask specific questions about the contents of the comics when they are returned. It kind of forces people to read them and think about what they've read.
  3. The comics can be recirculated and are less likely to end up on someone's shelf collecting dust.
    J.L., Martinez, GA

A couple in our church collect empty liquor bottles, place tracts inside, seal them, and toss them into the river to float out to sea. A 26-year-old man found he had a brain tumor, contemplated suicide, and while on a bridge noticed a sea gull picking at something on the beach. Investigating, he found a bottle with two tracts from Chick Publications inside. He got saved and two weeks later was baptised. He died two months after his conversion.
T.W., Ft. Pierce, FL

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