Sodomites Attack Donors to Yes-on-Marriage Amendment

As America continues to legalize sin, those committed to evil become more bold in attacking people standing for righteousness.

This was demonstrated recently by the sodomite thugs who attacked donors to the Yes-on-Proposition-8 campaign in California. The measure passed on November 4, 2008 placing an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage in California as "between a man and a woman."

A fluke in the campaign finance laws allowed the names, places of employment and other personal information of those donors to be posted on the internet. Homosexual activists proceeded to locate them and harass them, their family, coworkers and even picket their places of work. A Google map was posted on the internet with pointers to the homes and businesses of these donors. A click on the pointers gave their names, places of employment or business, and amount of their contributions. 

Homosexual Terrorists

"Over the last two months [prior to Jan. 20], many of those supporters have seen their homes and churches vandalized, been forced to resign their jobs, and been threatened with violence and even death," says Alan Sears, of the Alliance Defense Fund. 

Mormons, Knights of Columbus, and various churches and individuals contributed millions to pass the measure. Now they are the bullseye target for vandalism, harassment and worse.

It is disturbing that, in 2000, Californians voted against sodomite marriage by over 60 percent. This year, the vote in favor of Proposition 8 was only 53 percent. Other studies indicate that over 70 percent of U.S. high school students see nothing wrong with a homosexual relationship.

Blunted Biblical View

School propaganda and media promotion of sodomy is quickly blunting the Biblical view that homosexuality is an abomination. The disease and violence that it produces is ignored and anyone who dares speak against it is quickly bludgeoned into silence.

Many decent people know something is not right with this picture but are not able to speak about it effectively. They have only been told one side of the story. As Bible believers, we need to make sure they understand God`s view.

Since the media and even the government schools will not tell the truth, soul winners have two goals: inform the culture of the horrors of this perversion and lead individuals caught in this lifestyle to freedom in Christ. Chick Publications has published two tracts, Sin City and Doom Town, for this purpose. They clearly show God`s opinion of homosexuality and present His salvation from this sin.

A recently published paperback, Hot Topics, also includes additional information on homosexuality and pedophilia. Militant homosexuals have been very successful in capturing public opinion and getting laws passed in their favor. Any attempt in the media or legislature by Christians to give God`s view is quickly squelched.

Go Direct to the People

Our only recourse is to go directly to the people, and that is where gospel tracts work best. Soul winners should be diligently seeding tracts into the culture exposing this sin. It may be difficult to hand a tract on this topic to someone, but leaving it where it will be found will be effective.

Keep a stock of these tracts on hand so we can do all we can to counter this steam roller that is out to crush our children into submission.