Intelligent Design, Is There Evidence?

When evolutionist judges and the popular press speak of intelligent design, they often claim, like this quote from The Wall Street Journal, "There is not a shred of evidence to support this theory." Based on the false reports they have heard and are passing on, they conclude that there is no evidence for intelligent design, so it should never be taught in a science class.

Actually there is enough evidence to choke a horse. Here is one line of that evidence. Modern microscopes have revealed wonderful little machines inside each cell of every living thing. They do much of the work of every cell. A miniature motor, for example, spins at 100,000 RPM with almost perfect efficiency. Like a boat motor, it propels its owner, a single cell, through the water.

Molecular machines are great evidence that God created living things, because no one has ever seen a machine that put itself together without a designer, and no cell could possibly live without a good number of miniature molecular machines all present and functioning.

Why not?

Cells would just be goo dissolving into the water if it were not for the membranes that enclose them. However, a membrane's ability to hold the cell in, also holds nutrients out. Therefore, even the cell's membrane must have machines, little pumps made out of several different proteins folded into complex shapes to work together. They pass the right nutrients through the membrane and into the cell. Any cell without these nutrient pumps would starve to death. The proteins that form the pumps are made by other machines. Without these protein making machines there would be no pumps. Pumps and protein-making machines, like all molecular machines, are made according to the intelligent plans included in the cell's information. This contradicts the theory that a first cell was put together by chemicals with no intelligent input whatsoever.

Where do cells come from?

Evolutionists point to simpler things like amino acids, water and crystals that will form in nature outside of cells, and claim that the chemicals from which molecular machines are made (proteins, DNA, RNA) must have formed that way, too. These substances, however, are so complex they never form in nature except in already living cells.

For a cell to live, it must have these three very complex materials, plus many of its molecules must work together to form all of these essential machines. When evolutionists claim that, since water and amino acids form in nature, cells had no creator, this is like pointing out that because iron ore forms in nature, therefore SUVs were also formed by nature without any intelligent input.

Judges and the media pontificate: "The theory that chemicals evolved until they formed a first cell is scientific. It's the only thing schools may teach!" But the fact is that every machine is a product of intelligent design. No cell could live unless many machines were present from the very first. This is one of several powerful pieces of evidence for an intelligent designer/creator.

This real evidence for design contrasts with the speculation, imagination and sentences that begin with "perhaps" that are presented as "evidence" by evolutionists.

For more information about these marvelous machines, read Vanishing Proofs of Evolution and for overwhelming evidence for intelligent design found in every living cell, read How Life Began, both by Thomas Heinze.