Christian Parenting Threatened By California Bill

Family advocates are raising alarm over a new bill in the California legislature. It presents a “bill of rights” for the state’s children. The proposed law assures children of the “right to social and emotional well-being,” “right to parents...who act in their best interest,” and “right to appropriate, quality education.”

Also included is the “right to form healthy attachments...with adults responsible for their care and well-being.”

This, of course, begs the question, by whose standards? California, along with over half of the other states, has already determined that spanking is not in the “best interest” of the child and outlawed it contrary to biblical standards.

Would home schooling still be considered an “appropriate, quality education?” Big Brother has already decided that teaching homosexuality to kindergarteners is “appropriate” in the government schools.

Would a belief in a Creator be considered poor “social well-being” when acceptance of evolution is the social norm?

Family watchdogs claim that the California bill is written so broadly that it would allow the state’s big government officials to decide abortion, sexual orientation and schooling options. They raised questions whether the state would have the authority to seize children from their families if conditions were considered contrary to the child’s “well-being.”

Of course, California’s push is part of a global effort to move control of our children to the state. The United Nations has a long history of meddling. Their latest effort is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an effort to establish guidelines for assessing whether the circumstances surrounding the child is in his “best interests.”

Again, we have to ask, by whose definition? Often, that does not include consideration for biblical standards. With, for example, the global push to normalize same-sex marriage, would a parent’s objection to a school teaching this “abomination” be considered not in the child’s best interest?

Several cases in Europe involved the state forcibly removing the children from a family simply because they wished to home school them.

The Sept/Oct 2013 Battle Cry Article, "Scotland Law to Place All Children Under Government Care," highlighted a plan in Scotland to have a government official assigned to every child to make sure that the child is well cared for - by the state standards. The plan has since been delayed because of public outcry.

On another front related to children, concern is rising over the nature of college educations. One source pointed out that the recent riots against the new president were largely carried out by young people educated in our universities. Placards they carried indicated a gross ignorance of America’s history, constitutional government and rule of law.

Christian leaders are cautioning parents about sending their children to these propaganda mills. Higher education can be more hazardous to young people than elementary and high schools. Secular humanists, socialists and globalists have invaded Harvard and Yale which were originally Bible colleges training pastors and Christian leaders for public service.

Biblical truth has been replaced by such lies as evolution, socialism, and dreams of a biotech utopia without need for God. Those who are energized by the spirit of the anti-Christ continue to grasp for control of the world’s children.

Christian parenting requires a diligence not needed 50 years ago. Evil and lies have become so pervasive that it is impossible to protect the innocence of even the youngest. All we can do is counter it with a heavy dose of biblical truth.

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