My Teacher Got Saved - Became A Pastor

Thirty years ago when I was in Jr. High I took to school my poster of the supposed evolution of man, and 30 Big Daddy tracts, both by Chick Publications, when being forced to study evolution. That opening gave the opportunity to see three saved. One was my teacher who ten years later became a pastor. I want my children to see and not lose sight that God can and will use us, however and whenever.
B.B. — Email

We left a Who`s Missing tract on a soda machine and a young man came and asked if we knew who placed the little book there. We said we had. The next week, when we went back, he was there and said "Thank you for the comic. I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart. I gave it to my Mom and she did as well. We are Roman Catholics. We went to mass the next day and we felt really uncomfortable. We left. We got to share with them and left them with the following tracts: Why is Mary Crying, Man in Black, Death Cookie.
J.P. — Hamilton, NJ

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