Blind Soul Winner Rescued by the Constitution

Gail Blair was blind, but she had found purpose in life by walking across the street to a park that was open to the public and engaging people in conversation about the gospel. If they were receptive, she would offer them a copy of the gospel of John.

All went well until the Association in charge of the park and the adjacent library complained to police about what she was doing. She was issued a trespass warning, forbidden to evangelize on the premises and banned from the park for the next two years.

Even though Blair lived in Rhode Island, the Texas-based First Liberty Institute came to her rescue. This is one of a number of Christian law associations who are willing to mount a defense whenever local officials violate our constitutional rights.

Fortunately, all it took was a contact by First Liberty pointing out Blair’s rights to religious freedom. The Association understood their mistake and now she is back at what she loves to do. She says that she does occasionally find someone who is ready to commit his or her life to Jesus, a reward for her effort.

But this story is only one of many, illustrating the battle that is being mounted against our freedom of religion.

The attacks are actually coming from several directions. Secular evolutionists have deeply embedded themselves in our government institutions and academic schools. They have paired up with the violent homosexual lobby in their hatred for the gospel.

An additional attack is coming from a third direction —Islam. French President Macron is currently dealing with this in his attempt to tamp down Islamic radicalism. Each of these forces has its own agenda.

Satan has convinced the atheistic humanist (a person who believes there is no god and that humans provide the only source of knowledge and morality) that there is no God and any suggestion otherwise has to be squelched. If not, their agenda to use false science and faulty reason to gain control of the planet is threatened. Homosexuals simply want full approval and advocacy for their sin. Anyone who comes out and says that God disapproves of it must be silenced.

Islam, on the other hand, is an even bigger threat, not so much yet in the US, but huge worldwide.

The annual World Watch list published by Open Doors names the 50 worst religious persecutors. Thirty-four of them are nations where Muslims are a majority. Seven are Muslim in the top 10 category labeled “extreme persecution.” Almost daily the international news reports horrendous atrocities against churches and Christians in these nations.

The marvelous freedom that Bible believers have enjoyed for the last 300 years in America is a historical exception. No people in the history of the world and even in most of the present world have enjoyed the marvelous freedom that we have had.

Now global forces from all of these directions are attempting to use the latest crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, to advance their agendas.

So, it’s a dark picture. Do we hide our head in the sand or get on with our Great Commission? Jesus left us no question about that. First of all, He warned us that the last days would be bad.

Then, He said simply: go tell them what I’ve told you and I will be with you until it’s all over. Given those marching orders, we must revive the boldness that the early apostles had when they were first given this Commission.

The Apostle Paul told the Ephesians to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Some people claim that Chick tracts are too hard and unloving. Jesus set the example with compassion for the person and strong rebuke for sin. Chick tracts attempt to strike a balance with strong reproof followed by a compassionate invitation.

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