With Schools Closed, Satan’s Attack is Closer to Home

Satan never sleeps, particularly in his campaign to destroy children. The COVID-19 virus put a lid on the "drag queen story time" at the now-closed libraries. Closed schools have rescued the innocence of our youngsters from the titillations of sex-ed curricula —for a while.

But with the children confined at home, the attack is now focused there. Recent headlines tell the story: “Cartoon Network Celebrates ‘Pride Month,’” “Disney Celebrates Pride Month, Donates $100K to GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network)”, “Netflix Introduces Transgender Child” and “Children’s TV Network Nickelodeon: Celebrating Pride … This Month and Every Month”

When they approach puberty, things get darker. One Wall Street journalist, Abigail Shrier, was so shocked when she found enough information for a book: “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.” Shrier was first alerted by a distraught mom trying to get the attention of a journalist who would investigate a craze of teen girls deciding in mass to convert to boys.

Even without the help of the closed schools, the girls were joining up on social media where the idea was fermenting. Shrier’s first article flushed out thousands of parents all over the country who had detected the attack.

Shrier’s book was born after interviewing dozens of doctors who outlined a horror story. The puberty blockers given these children arrest all physical sexual development eliminating normal sexual function and pleasure. They also attack the brain, often magnifying any emotional instability such as depression, bipolar or autism.

In fact, the use is so new that there is little evidence of the long-term side effects. Doctors told Shrier that when they attend conferences held to inform them of new drugs, there is usually an effort to describe long-term effects. That information is missing in the puberty blocker presentations. Doctors foresee huge lawsuits when the evidence surfaces.

One current lawsuit is being brought by Keira Bell in England. As a child, Keira walked into Tavistock clinic and declared that she wanted to be a boy. The staff rolled out the red carpet. Although she had started her periods, they gave her no psychological evaluation or counseling, but prescribed puberty blockers.

Now 23, she looks back at that as the beginning of a ruined life. Her developing womanhood halted. “I had symptoms similar to the menopause when a woman’s hormones drop. I had hot flushes, I found it difficult to sleep, my sex drive disappeared. I was given calcium tablets because my bones weakened. My female hormones had been flushing through my body and, suddenly, a curtain came down on them.” It felt awful, she says.

Keira says the lawsuit against the clinic is just the start. She is on a mission to help parents and children avoid the trap. She went on through painful body-altering surgeries and now says, “I am living in a world where I don’t fit in as male or as female. I am stuck between two sexes.”

For Keira Bell, it is too late. She is already scarred and mutilated for life. But Shrier discovered that there are well over 50 “gender clinics” in the U.S. in addition to Planned Parenthood, a major dispenser of hormone blockers.

We have not yet achieved enough outrage to stop the spilling of hundreds of gallons of innocent blood in abortion clinics. And when will we rise up and end this mutilation of our children?

We certainly can start by pushing the stop button on the remote when Netflix and Disney try to pump fantasies into our children’s minds about the glories of the transgender lifestyle. In today’s hostile world, parents must be on guard and teach their children defense tactics against Satan’s indoctrination by the media, social media, friends, and even teachers.

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