Signs of the Last Days

In his second letter to Timothy, chapter 3, the apostle Paul gave a detailed description of the “last days.” It is the most damning list of man’s capacity for evil anywhere in scripture.

In Revelation 13 and 14, and Daniel 12 we get a more detailed description of the political and economic situation in the last days. From this we understand that Satan’s ultimate goal is to control the entire world through a centralized government.

Signs of Satan’s progress are surfacing every day.

The World Medical Association (WMA) is a purported independent organization of worldwide physicians. One of its purposes is to publish a revised “International Code of Medical Ethics” that is presented as “a canon of ethical principles for the members of the medical profession worldwide.”

But along with a lot of noble statements of providing “care with the utmost respect for human life and dignity,” there is a hidden trap for doctors who oppose the humanist philosophy.

It states:

“The physician has an ethical obligation to minimize disruption to patient care. Physician conscientious objection to provision of any lawful medical interventions may only be exercised if the individual patient is not harmed or discriminated against and if the patient’s health is not endangered.”

Since the WMA is closely affiliated with the UN World Health Organization, such “lawful medical interventions” would necessarily include abortion, euthanasia and possibly gender-transition hormone treatments and surgical mutilations.

Another key phrase is: “not harmed or discriminated against.” The definitions of both of these terms have been greatly distorted. People are now claiming to be “harmed” if they feel uncomfortable while walking past a street preacher.

Laws against “discrimination” landed Christian cake baker Jack Phillips in the Supreme Court for his conscientious objection. The spread of these laws has paved the way for the homosexual steamroller that has placed drag queens in libraries, rapists in women’s prisons, men competing against women in sports, and transgender groomers in our public schools.

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg with the World Health Organization. Plans are afoot in Washington to turn America’s sovereignty over health care to the WHO. With the COVID-19 pandemic as a test run, we can clearly see how that would play out.

Instead of the American Centers for Disease Control calling for lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations, the Dictator General of the United Nations would call the shots. Employment and education opportunities (and possibly food) would only be available to those who cooperated with the mandates.

But health care is not the only game. In finance, plans are being finalized for a global digital currency to replace the dollar and other national money. Permission to buy or sell would then be controlled by central bank computers. (See Rev. 13:17.)

The open borders is another strategy to dilute the sovereignty and resources of America until it is too weak to resist the rising power of the globalists. International trade agreements are another way to damage industrial freedom and a skilled work force that is necessary to fight off potential invasion or sabotage.

The completeness of this picture points clearly to the end time events outlined in biblical prophecy. As we watch nation rise against nation (Mark 13:8) we are instructed to look up, for our redemption draws near (Luke 21:28).

The struggle now is between the forces of darkness who think they have the upper hand to rapidly steamroll the one world system into place, and praying Christians worldwide that are humbly seeking a move of the Spirit of God to raise up a standard against their plans.

Fortunately, we still generally have the freedom to obey the Great Commission and preach that gospel as widely as we can.

But on judgment day will we be found faithful if we squander this fading freedom?

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