Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-1998

Tracts bring knowledge
After being placed here in jail I started to spend more time reading my Bible. I met a man who gave me some of your tracts to read. Man, have they made a change for me! I have received more knowledge of the Bible in a few days from your publications than I ever knew. Feel good to know you are a life changer and true worker for Christ.
G.M., Pennsylvania

No longer Catholic
I was born and raised for 28 years as a Catholic. After reading your Four Horsemen comic book I had my eyes opened. I read this in the county jail... If it were not for picking up the Four Horsemen I might still be a Catholic. Thanks for taking the time to bring the truth to those who want to know.
F.K., Illinois

'I learn something from each one'
I am an inmate and I have found some of your tracts lying around. They are good reading. It seems like I learn something from each one.
D.S., Texas

Comics opening eyes to the truth
Your comics are changing lots of lives here. I have guys lining up at my door. They are really taking the comic books seriously. I love what I am doing. I am like a librarian. I also pass the tracts out in the yard. Even the guards are reading your tracts.

I know God is moving here. Catholics are changing to Christians. Your comic books and tracts are opening their eyes to the truth. Even skinheads are wanting to read the tracts about the occult.

It is awesome what is taking place here. I have heard some prisons don't allow your literature, so let's get busy since its allowed here and spread God's literature. There is all kinds of different religions here.
J.M., California

Chick tract encourages Christian
I came across one of your little booklets. It was called Why No Revival?. It gave me new light on what I must do as a Christian.
M.D., Texas

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